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    In honor of our 30th anniversary here at The International Dermal Institute, we asked students at IDIs across the world to share what they love most about their experience with us. When we received the success stories and testimonials, we were overjoyed by the response! See for yourself what the students had to say:

    “My name is Lanell ‘Lanie’ White and I have been an esthetician for 19 years. I have enjoyed taking several IDI classes, but the Acids, Peels and Exfoliants class changed my professional life. I had a young man, about 17 years old, who suffered from large and painful acne break outs. After the class I was able to use more aggressive exfoliants on him, along with a six-treatment peel, and it helped to not only eliminate his acne scarring, but his skin became healthy and acne free. He loves the way his skin looks now and is using the hygiene techniques I taught him to keep his razor and other products that touch his face bacteria free. What a wonderful gift to give someone – clearer skin and less breakouts, on the way to none at all. Thanks IDI.”
    -Lanie White, Independent Consultant/Esthetician

    “The education I’ve received at the International Dermal Institute has greatly boosted my confidence. I’m comfortable explaining product ingredients, skin conditions and types, electrical modalities, and recommending products and treatment plans.”
    -Terrius Gaines, Terrius Gaines Skin Care Inc.

    “No matter how I am feeling, about life, work, my boss – whatever – every single time I come to class, I feel reinvigorated and inspired to do a better job. The way you teach classes here is so easy to follow, learn from and implement.”
    -Karen Crosby, ULTA

    “IDI sets the bar in the industry for excellence in skin care education. As a Skin Therapist, IDI gives me the resources for knowledge and confidence for continued success. I really do greatly appreciate the entire team, including Heather, Misty and Christy.”
    -Sharie, Professional Skin Therapist

    “Dear Jane,
    It is an honor to congratulate you for IDI’s 30th Anniversary. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving to us “The International Dermal Institute,” a source of inspiration, a hub for learning, a place for practice, a fountain of knowledge, a forum for skin care professionals who share their wisdom and expertise, and for The Lisa White Spiering Legacy Scholarship. In a few words, it is “The Skin Care Therapist Oasis,” for it is a place for growth and to reach excellence as a PST.

    The knowledge shared in the training and the tools provided online for skin care techniques, products, treatments, best practices, market trends, customer service, new technology, research, development, products, knowledge on ingredients, specific skin conditions and so much more, has increased my confidence, my level of expertise and is opening many opportunities to me.

    I believe in the power of knowledge and how education is a great investment for the future. I am constantly taking classes at IDI, classes that become alive in my work when I apply the knowledge I learned at IDI. The results can be seen when I transform the health and look of my clients’ skin and I provide effective education on the importance of skin care maintenance. My growing experience and knowledge has taught me that skin care is not only for looking good and feeling good, but for a healthy skin, and this translates to my customers as I do care for them from the inside out. The results… priceless.

    Thank you Jane for providing to all of us at IDI “an oasis for the skin care therapist.” I am grateful for all the support from IDI, transforming me to Excellence in the skin care field. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
    -Monica Betancourt, Awarded the Lisa Spiering Scholarship 2012

    “IDI has truly been a force in my education! I started in the industry as a cosmetologist and my esthetics background was marginal at best. After attending several hundred hours at IDI and Dermalogica trainings along with self-study, I feel competent in my esthetics career. I believe that competence is knowledge + confidence, and IDI has given me huge doses of both!

    Thank you for the chance to learn, grow and develop in such a wonderful environment! I love that no matter what IDI you go to, you feel welcome, warm and like you belong. The trainers are always top notch and I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate whenever I get to be there.”
    -Mary Hess, IDI student

    “I love being at IDI, all the instructors are very knowledgeable and are just a pleasant to be around. One day I was at IDI taking a class and the new instructor Danielle came up to me and let me know that she passed my name along to a new account that was looking for talented skin therapists. I was shocked because I hadn’t talked to Danielle a whole lot and hadn’t known her for very long, but I was very honored that she saw me as a talented therapist. Needless to say, I got the job (and I absolutely love it)!

    With being hired, I set up a time to take my expert practical so I would be set before the new salon opened. I passed the practical with flying colors and Danielle boosted my confidence even more with all the things she said about me during the test. She also gave me a few pointers that will help me during my treatments. Overall, I am very thankful for the wonderful ladies (Danielle, Holly, Brenda) at the MPLS IDI. I owe my current job to them and look forward to taking more classes in the future. They are my go-to ladies for any skin questions and are always able to help me out or find the information I need.”
    -Alicia Reilly, IDI student

    “Education through The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica has helped me in my profession by teaching me quality products along with amazing treatments. My confidence level has increased by being better informed of products, how they work together, and the amazing results clients receive.”
    -Christine Stramaglio, Essence Salon and Day Spa

    It is our absolute pleasure to provide skin therapists with the best education possible to ensure success in their skin therapy careers, and we appreciate the support of our students in return!

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