• Boost your Business this Father’s Day!

    Have you ever caught yourself saying “what do you buy a man who has everything?” Well this Father’s Day will be no exception if you are anything like me. I’m sure you will agree that we often get caught in the trap of sending the same old cliché items like ties, socks, underwear, clothing or slippers, so this year why not consider boosting your business and helping your clients to choose the perfect gift for Dad!

    After all, skin care is no longer just for women, nowadays it’s easy to find an increasing number of jars of products in men’s cabinets alongside their aftershaves. In fact, research has shown that men have a huge interest in looking after their skin’s health. So how can you make the most of this image-conscious trend in your business this Father’s Day?

    Involve Your Female Clients
    The best way for you to welcome men into your business is by getting women involved. Men are known for being very brand loyal, therefore they do not shop around as much as women. Men are less likely to try something new unless it has been given to them as a gift or offered as something free, such as a sample. So when you are thinking of a Father’s Day promotion, also think about promoting to women at the same time. For example, you can offer an interactive promotion in which you give each female client a gift certificate with a monetary value that can be used against either a free service or product when they purchase a father’s day gift from your business.

    Spread the Word

    More consumers than ever are searching for deals on their smartphones, tablets etc. If you don’t have a social media presence or website up there, your wonderful Father’s Day promotion might as well not exist. Pick at least one mobile channel where you can appear before Father’s Day, starting with your own website, Facebook page or perhaps try something new like working with Foursquare or even Instagram. If you use Short Message Service (SMS) or Twitter to promote your business then follow the golden rule of keeping it clear.

    Here are a few examples of short message types you can use for Father’s Day:

    • Deals for Dads
    • Father’s Day Must Haves: list top 10 favorites for Father’s Day from your staff or yourself
    • Destress Dad this Father’s Day: treats for dads worth xx, includes a free massage
    • Defuzz a Dad You Know this Father’s Day: free hot towel shave worth xx with every male cut in June.

    Promote the Right Services
    Let’s face it: most men are not going to request chocolate pedicures or fancy hair color services, so when you are looking at what promotions to offer it’s best to focus on the known rather than the exotic. If a man doesn’t understand a treatment and its benefits then it is unlikely that he will value the service and more likely that he will not return. Father’s Day is a great way for you to also promote to the family, so consider offering events a father and son/daughter event where clients have the opportunity to come into your business to pick a gift for dad!

    Don’t be Shy
    Recent surveys have revealed an increasing demand in men and skin care, but men are often shy when it comes to checking with their local treatment centers about male grooming services and products. Make it easy for them with a clear section on your website and an obvious price guide. Also make sure that you use eye catching displays that will get the attention of your male clients.

    Create the Demand
    Once you have succeeded in getting the men through your doors, your next step is to keep them coming back to you! Also, men too find gift giving a challenge, so remind them of important dates for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and so forth, and maintain continuous contact with them to ensure they are always aware of promotions and offers that will benefit their skin.

    And as Richard Branson says……..
    ”Business opportunities are like busses, there is always another one coming.”

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