• The Game Changer: Mobile Apps

    I seriously question if the mobile phone is now an actual appendage of most people’s bodies, literally  an extension of ones hand! Let’s face it, just about everywhere you go you see people with their phone in their hand (not their bag or pocket). If we are so heavily reliant on our phones and we know that technology changes daily to increase the function and benefits of the phone to our everyday life, then I question, why is it we are so slow in our industry to understand its importance to our business?

    Our customers communicate and manage their life through their phone, so we must provide them with the ability to communicate and manage their services and products with us via their phone. That means they need to be able to book online via the phone, buy product, view our services and products on video, get educated, write comments, engage with others and much, much more. That means we need to have  a website and support systems that are all configured for mobile applications and consider having supporting apps for your customers to access.

    According to beauty-app master Modiface, app downloads during December 2013 were up year-on-year by 25 percent, while apps that provided specific functionality were up by 38 percent. From these statistics, we can see consumers are downloading apps that address a certain need or help them with specific tasks rather than being purely content-based applications.

    So don’t procrastinate any longer, face your fears just go out there — get on board and ‘do it’!

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