• Mindfulness at Its Finest – May Week 2014

    Inspiration that lingers is something that doesn’t come by often and easily. It tends to be a moment that stirs right then and there – be it from a song, a picture or a person in front of you. But it’s that long-term effect that we strive to achieve for our educators during our Annual International Education Conference held May 5 – May 9 at the IDI & Dermalogica headquarters in Los Angeles. It’s also a week of tribal bonding with our educators from nearly 40 countries and re-kindling the inner fire that drives us to do what we do best – provide the best education in the skin industry.

    This year we drew upon the connection of “Mindful Learning and Learning to Be Mindful” as the overall focus, where we shared touching stories, celebrated achievements, sparked kinships and reaffirmed our purpose in the business of touch.

    Throughout the 5-day conference we heard from the likes of Dr. Diana Howard on new product and ingredient innovations, renewed our mission to help women through FITE, shared achievements and goals from our global educators as well as our leaders, such as Annet King, Heather Hickman and Emma Hobson to name a few. And this year we had the pleasure of receiving a mindfulness expert, Joey Soto, who opened the week with meditation exercises and challenged us all to embrace the moment and be present. Our other special guests included oncology skin care experts from Greet the Day, Johnette du Rand and Karey Hazewinkel York, who took us through a touching and emotional presentation on working with clients who are cancer patients and survivors.

    As an added touch, our guests were provided with unique, oversized seating to sit comfortably (and take of their shoes if they like!) during the presentations in our auditorium, healthy and colorful food selection as well as exceptional entertainment for two evenings. For the Tuesday night we had the privilege of receiving Lee England Jr., soul violinist and rising star, at our headquarters performing original music and beautiful renditions of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and “Unthinkable” by Alicia Keys. On Thursday, we transported our guests to the reinvigorated district of Downtown Los Angeles where we convened at the Crocker Club for a farewell celebration in true “Great Gatsby” fashion and live entertainment.

    But it didn’t come full circle until the final day, when our chief visionary Jane Wurwand took the stage. Inspired by Ariana Huffington’s latest book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, Jane showed us a new definition of success that isn’t solely based on money and power; that more characteristics such as mindfulness, passion, health and giving back to name a few can lead to true success that satisfies us from within.

    To view more photos from the week event, visit Dermalogica’s May Week Facebook page.

  • Making Magic at May Week 2013

    We recently had the honor and privilege of hosting our top IDI and Dermalogica educators worldwide – from over 30 countries to be exact – for our 20th Annual International Education Conference held at our corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

    Also referred to as May Week, this event is the highlight of the year for our international education teams, as it allows our instructors to learn the latest in skin care at IDI and Dermalogica. They then return home to share their expertise at our training centers with you – our valued students!

    The theme we incorporated throughout the 5-day conference was “Making Magic at Every Opportunity,” and from May 6 through May 10, we focused on PURE education and self-growth, new products, refreshing skills through interactive learning techniques and treatments, science and hands-on practice.

    This year we had an amazing array of presentations, rotating workshops and specialized sessions such as:

    Hocus Pocus – Ingredient Fact & Fiction: In this lecture Dr. Howard took in-depth look at ingredients that offer real results vs. those that are just plain fantasy.
    Taking Good Care of You: a workshop about posture and exercises for skin therapists to prevent on the job injury.
    Spellbound: How To Sell To Women: a session that offered business and retailing tips to captivate our biggest demographic in the industry – women.
    Magic Moments: Presentations from Malaysia, Guatemala and South Africa.

    And of course, it wouldn’t have been May Week without our Chief Visionary, Jane Wurwand, who took the stage and reinvigorated our passion and purpose in education. Jane left us with a powerful question to ask ourselves: Who am I, Where am I, and Why am I here?

    We thank all IDI instructors across the world for maintaining their commitment to education and excellence so we can provide the best post graduate skin therapy training possible.

  • The Power of Being Well-Informed

    Our Global Education team love to hear questions and concerns from professional skin therapists because it thrills us that others share our passion for skin health. This passing down of knowledge is what leads to credibility in your craft, not to mention your success.

    In other words, learning should never stop. It doesn’t matter whether you’re newly out of school or you’re a seasoned skin therapist, the channels for education should always remain open and continue to flow. The key is to stay informed.

    Earlier this year we launched the IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter, which was developed specifically for skin therapists to hear about the latest research and breakthroughs. The information included is not just from IDI, but from our partners in the industry and other major media outlets as well.

    Every day we sift through the information available and find reads that we feel are valuable and relevant to practicing skin therapists. So it’s only fair that we make these discoveries available to you!

    And we do the work for you, gathering the best bits on the hottest ingredients, breakthroughs, ideas and business tips for both the established and start-up skin center. We even cover controversial topics and debunk any misconceptions that may be floating around in the industry, and our IDI skin experts will gladly share their stance!

    The IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter is also ideal for skin therapists with busy schedules, families or limited access to read through trade publications, websites and blogs – the best parts are neatly packaged and delivered directly to your inbox every 6 weeks.

    Don’t shy away from learning something new – subscribe to the IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter now!