• A Warm Exchange: Greek Skin Therapists Learn Business Tips from IDI

    We love to host visitors from around the world in our Leatherhead, United Kingdom location. This is always a favorite part of our role as many visitors may have never been to the UK or even traveled outside of their own country.

    From June 16-17, we hosted a fantastic two day training event for a group of skin therapists from Greece. Their trip began with visiting London over the weekend where they wandered around the top sightseeing spots at their leisure.

    On Monday morning, they arrived excited and ready to begin the days meeting. Our International team inspired them with the IDI seminar “Solar Damage and Protection,” a topic that’s extremely relevant for the sunny Greek market! They were totally blown away by the information and just loved seeing everything put into practice with a creative demonstration that followed the lecture.

    The following day turned to a business focus to help them cope with the economic crisis – hit especially hard in Greece. Our new business workshop on express treatments was a great hit, they left the workshop extremely motivated and inspired with ideas to take back to their market. Some things they learnt were choosing which express treatments they can implement into their business back home and how to market and promote these treatments effectively, especially when you’re in a business that has lost many service and retail clients due to the economic crisis.

    We also covered the flexibility of offering express treatments – how they can be offered outside of a treatment room or used off site to promote their business. They especially learnt a lot from the demonstration, noticing the key differences between a 20-minute express treatment versus a full 60-minute treatment – they have fixed stages that are flexible according to the client’s key concerns, goals and what should be prioritize in the treatment.

    Their visit came to a close with a very special thank you from our team, by taking them to see and experience an express treatments firsthand at the Dermalogica Bentalls concept store in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. A perfect way to help cement what they learnt! Next a celebratory lunch on the river was the perfect way to end such a successful and enjoyable visit from such passionate and dedicated skin therapists. We will miss them!

    Here’s some feedback that reflects how important and impactful our education can be.

    “Every time I get back from a seminar I raise the level of my work.” – Lekka Aikaterini

    “As always learnt and gained a lot, lessons had consistency and trainers were perfect.” – Giolanta Agatsidou

  • Stay Sun Smart and Save a Life

    With the change in seasons we should be saying goodbye to the winter and hello to the summer.  As the sun has finally made an appearance, so has more bronzed skin, occasional peeling and maybe pink bodies? It’s not just British tradition to shrug off our clothes the minute we feel a few rays, but after years of warnings about skin cancer, shouldn’t we have learned our lesson?

    At the beginning of this year our team’s focus has been to share our knowledge about solar damage and protection. We have been very busy taking IDI congresses on the road, travelling and educating markets in Europe, Africa & Middle East on such a valuable subject.

    As professional skin therapists, we still face the challenge of educating people that daylight protection is a must for any skin, any race and should be used daily. Even though consumers may feel good from the sun’s rays, do they look good? And are they aware of the huge risk of skin cancer? In the UK, the number of reported cases of skin cancer has more than quadrupled since the 1970s and over 2,600 people die from skin cancer each year — but this increase is on a global scale. The highest rates of malignant melanoma are reported in Australia and New Zealand.

    Not only do we have to deal with such shocking facts, we are also faced with the constant bombardment of TV celebrities showing off their tanned skin and the general perception that tanned skin is more desirable, teens, especially girls, are purposefully avoiding sun protection and some are even seeking the sun. This has become such a problem that some countries have adopted a law banning underage people from visiting tanning salons. That’s why our job as a professional skin therapist is more important than ever. Not only are we experts on treating the skin but we must also become experts in educating consumers on using daily protection.

    Here are some expert tips from our IDI team that you can share with your clients:

    “A great tool to download is the mole map from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). You can give this to your clients as a hand out for prevention against skin cancer.” – Geraldine Schefermann, IDI UK International Regional Education Manager

    “Don’t forget to apply your SPF daily for protection, even on a cloudy day. Apply your sunscreen to all skin (face, ears, hands, neck, etc.). You can even apply as lip balm to your lips. Look for a sunscreen that is broad spectrum, as this will protect against UVA and UVB rays. The label must say broad-spectrum or UVA/UVB protection. If it does not say either, you may wish to look for another product.” – Victoria Convy, IDI UK International Corporate Trainer

    “It is advised to wear long sleeves, trousers, tightly woven fabrics, wide brim hat and large sunglasses that absorb UV. You can purchase clothes that have a UPF rating (ultraviolet protection factor) that blocks out both UVA and UVB (SPF is just UVB). Some fabrics do a better job than others; polyester is excellent, whereas cotton and rayon score low. UPF50 indicates a fabric or garment will allow only 1/50th (approximately 2%) radiation to pass through.” – Sharon Maxwell, IDI UK International Education Manager for Europe, Africa & Middle East

    “Don’t forget that whilst driving you can also catch the sun. A great idea is to keep an SPF product in the glove box of your car. You can then apply as needed, especially to the backs of your hands whilst driving” – Maria Thorburn, IDI UK International Senior Instructor

    “When you are near water, snow, or at the beach, watch out as reflection can increase the intensity of UV.  Make sure you are re-applying SPF every 2 hours and immediately after swimming.” – Arabella Lane, IDI UK International Training Specialist

    For more information on sun protection and skin cancer visit: 


  • Boost your Business this Father’s Day!

    Have you ever caught yourself saying “what do you buy a man who has everything?” Well this Father’s Day will be no exception if you are anything like me. I’m sure you will agree that we often get caught in the trap of sending the same old cliché items like ties, socks, underwear, clothing or slippers, so this year why not consider boosting your business and helping your clients to choose the perfect gift for Dad!

    After all, skin care is no longer just for women, nowadays it’s easy to find an increasing number of jars of products in men’s cabinets alongside their aftershaves. In fact, research has shown that men have a huge interest in looking after their skin’s health. So how can you make the most of this image-conscious trend in your business this Father’s Day?

    Involve Your Female Clients
    The best way for you to welcome men into your business is by getting women involved. Men are known for being very brand loyal, therefore they do not shop around as much as women. Men are less likely to try something new unless it has been given to them as a gift or offered as something free, such as a sample. So when you are thinking of a Father’s Day promotion, also think about promoting to women at the same time. For example, you can offer an interactive promotion in which you give each female client a gift certificate with a monetary value that can be used against either a free service or product when they purchase a father’s day gift from your business.

    Spread the Word

    More consumers than ever are searching for deals on their smartphones, tablets etc. If you don’t have a social media presence or website up there, your wonderful Father’s Day promotion might as well not exist. Pick at least one mobile channel where you can appear before Father’s Day, starting with your own website, Facebook page or perhaps try something new like working with Foursquare or even Instagram. If you use Short Message Service (SMS) or Twitter to promote your business then follow the golden rule of keeping it clear.

    Here are a few examples of short message types you can use for Father’s Day:

    • Deals for Dads
    • Father’s Day Must Haves: list top 10 favorites for Father’s Day from your staff or yourself
    • Destress Dad this Father’s Day: treats for dads worth xx, includes a free massage
    • Defuzz a Dad You Know this Father’s Day: free hot towel shave worth xx with every male cut in June.

    Promote the Right Services
    Let’s face it: most men are not going to request chocolate pedicures or fancy hair color services, so when you are looking at what promotions to offer it’s best to focus on the known rather than the exotic. If a man doesn’t understand a treatment and its benefits then it is unlikely that he will value the service and more likely that he will not return. Father’s Day is a great way for you to also promote to the family, so consider offering events a father and son/daughter event where clients have the opportunity to come into your business to pick a gift for dad!

    Don’t be Shy
    Recent surveys have revealed an increasing demand in men and skin care, but men are often shy when it comes to checking with their local treatment centers about male grooming services and products. Make it easy for them with a clear section on your website and an obvious price guide. Also make sure that you use eye catching displays that will get the attention of your male clients.

    Create the Demand
    Once you have succeeded in getting the men through your doors, your next step is to keep them coming back to you! Also, men too find gift giving a challenge, so remind them of important dates for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and so forth, and maintain continuous contact with them to ensure they are always aware of promotions and offers that will benefit their skin.

    And as Richard Branson says……..
    ”Business opportunities are like busses, there is always another one coming.”

  • Quenching the Thirst for Education in Sweden

    Last month, my colleague Arabella Lane and I had the opportunity to visit Stockholm in Sweden to conduct an International Dermal Institute (IDI) event on Rosacea and Inflammation to the students of St. Eriks College.

    In Sweden, the level of education is very high. Students have the option to either attend a private college or state college to complete their beauty/aesthetic diploma. Unfortunately, due to the economy, the numbers of jobs in the aesthetic field have started to decline, making the industry very competitive. As a result, students now value their education more than ever. In fact they are always looking to expand their knowledge in specialized areas like the skin.

    During this visit I was delighted to see many familiar faces of those who attended an IDI event last year. In fact this time I had the opportunity to spend some time chatting with the students during break. It was great to hear their laughter, feel their enthusiasm and also share personal stories about their love for the industry. Whilst we were chatting I found out that in Sweden they are required to complete an assignment on a specialized subject of choice. They can choose the subject; it can be skin specific, body or treatment related. This was music to my ears as many of them have chosen Rosacea as a result of our IDI visits that we have conducted. Even though they attended the same class last year, they expressed to me that they never stop learning and that their love and passion for IDI education never stops.

    We look forward to visiting with our friends in Stockholm again in the future!

    Vicky Convey is a valuable member of the IDI team and works to educate skin therapists abroad.