• Jane Wurwand Gives Big Advice for Small Business on INC.

    Jane Wurwand has made her mark in our industry. After all, she’s built IDI and Dermalogica into global brands, created a loyal base of skin therapists and consumers, and started the non-profit FITE to help empower women across the globe. So it’s fair to say she’s also built some street cred on the way and caught the eye of the business community at large; and our chief visionary spares no advice when it comes to running a successful business venture.

    Now you can watch her doing just that through The Playbook video series, provided by, where she offers advice for budding entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. Take a peek and see how these tips can help you start, run and grow your business — beginning with “How To Make Brainstorm Meetings Uber-Productive” featured below.

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  • Branding for an Experience

    As we all move through our day-to-day lives we often do not realize the subtle trail of familiarity. From the Starbucks mug we pour our coffee into, to the Apple logo gracing the back of our beloved mobile phone, or even the golden arches of McDonald’s lining the streets of our commute. All of these recognizable shapes and colors may seem like the backdrop to our hectic days but they are in fact part of a much larger picture – these images are part of a brand. They establish what the brand is without words or sounds, and they instigate memories and curiosity. Branding is essential in any business because it allows us to tap into something that is unique to each person, and the feeling that is left from the experience can be hard to forget.

    When clients comes in for a treatment they have a certain expectations. It is safe to say that anyone walking through a salon or spa door is looking for results and enjoyment, and the last thing we want to do as a business owner is pour our business model down our customers’ throats! This is where branding comes into play. From the moment your clients walk through the front door, you want them to feel the experience your business offers. Creating visually appealing merchandising on shelves, counter spaces, and focus tables is a great place to start. Clutter-free, easy to shop spaces make exploring products enjoyable, helping to set the tone for your clients and the image you’d like your business to project. And it shouldn’t stop there! You can spread that experience throughout the space, and a clever way to achieve this is to feature pieces tastefully in the treatment room such as a blanket or client wrap.

    The most powerful marketing tool you can use is your brand, and the key as you drive your business – and the products that support your business – is to make your branding distinct. The treatment room is an amazing place to help mold your image, and linking the pleasurable experience of the treatments you offer to your brand is a unique and creative way to represent your business’ overall model!