• Bridezilla be Gone: Your Skin Guide Countdown to the Big Day

    Annet KingJune is the most popular month for weddings, and according to market research firm IBISWorld, the U.S. wedding industry is worth $48 billion. This recession proof business isn’t showing signs of letting up; in fact it’s predicted to reach $54.3 billion by 2016. So brides, bridegrooms and wedding parties are indeed big business for us, and creating a skin care countdown ensures skin is HD picture perfect! This also helps avoid disasters like “bride hives” from that mystery Taiwanese wrinkle buster!

    Here’s a checklist of professional skin “to dos” before the “I dos” are said:

    Book the Bride: Problem, breakout prone skin and hyperpigmentation issues are going to need consistent treatments and an-at home protocol to achieve significant results. Just like working with a personal trainer to get into the Vera, you’re the official skin trainer, so position yourself in the same way. Schedule six months out from the big day with monthly, then bi-weekly skin treatments, and tweak and customize the treatments and products throughout. Brides should also be alert to potential eyebrow issues at this time too – some areas that may have been over-plucked might need to grow in, which can take several months to accomplish.

    Month 1: Concentrate on deep cleaning for the first treatment, particularly if the client is new to skin treatments. The bride may breakout during this time as the skin is being encouraged to purge, so she shouldn’t be alarmed or discouraged and want to quit her regimen. Upgrade her existing cleansing regimen by adding an oil-based precleanser to dissolve excess sebum and debris prior to using her normal cleanser, and prescribe a clay-based masque to expel blockages and congestion from the skin.

    Months 2-4: These treatments should be spent on problem solving areas that need extra help. Stronger exfoliation should be performed and gradually increased throughout the series. Galvanic or microcurrent should be used to drive in actives to address lines, irregular pigmentation and over active sebaceous glands. Breakouts can be “zapped” with high frequency to expedite clearing. This is also the time that skin should be treated with potent, targeted products to correct problems.

    Months 5-6: The last two treatments should focus on getting the skin glowing, firm, energized and hydrated. This is also a tense time for the bride, and stress hormones can lead to sporadic breakouts. The skin should be pumped with antioxidants and hydrating, energizing ingredients in anticipation of the big day.

    Month 6: The big day has arrived! Schedule the final skin treatment three days before the wedding. Brides make the mistake of doing this the day before and risk a big pre-wedding nerve pimple. Eyebrows should be tidied during this time, and any waxing procedures, body treatments and/or self-tanning applications are best scheduled now. The day before the wedding should be dedicated to a 20 minute flash exfoliation and energizing masque, manicure, and pedicure. If possible, a calming massage can be squeezed in.

    BIG DAY: The day of the wedding should be reserved for makeup and hair – that’s it! Provide the bride with an emergency kit that includes a concealing pimple treatment for combating that stress related breakout, a vitamin-packed mist for keeping her make up fresh and to energize skin throughout the day and a lip complex for keeping those lush lips ready for the big kiss!