• Time to Give Thanks

    annet croppedOne of the topics I share with students is the importance of saying “thank you” to our clients. Of course this topic is also highly apropos considering the time of year, but I’m not talking about mass mailed postcards or eblasts (insert client’s name here), or a quick, gratuitous “Thanks!” as your client departs. No, I’m suggesting a deliberate face to face, eye to eye, hand holding verbal interaction with your client, where you clearly communicate your gratitude.

    Why do we need to do this? As surely, our regular clients know we are thankful for their patronage, right? Not really. The fact is, after time we often take our clients for granted and we forget about their schedule balancing act, the drive in nightmare traffic, or the hellish task of finding parking. Also ponder for a sec the volume of professional service and product options your client can select from outside of your treatment space–like forgoing treatments altogether by using an at home skin or hair removing gadget. Or visiting a spa with a low monthly fee that is in a convenient spot, is open late, and has free parking. Do we even want to touch upon the daily dump of Groupons in their morning inbox, touting “70% off your first Microdermabrasion Facial!”??

    The choices? Crippling. The competition? Brutal. The deals? Desperate and flabbergasting. The unique point of difference? YOU. The supreme quality, genuine, expertly trained, authentically grateful you. This simple, heartfelt act, when spoken with real intent, goes a long way to demonstrating appreciation. It secures loyalty, gains more clients, and above that, it’s just a decent well-mannered thing to do.

    Communicate and practice these simple steps:

    • Tell your client that you recognize that she has many choices of where to receive services and buy products, and that you acknowledge and appreciate her business and continued loyalty to you.

    • Add that it’s vitally important to you that you go beyond her expectations every time, and if there’s anything you can do to make her treatments or results even better, to please let you know.

    • If she is ever disappointed or dissatisfied, she must please, with all honesty, communicate this so you can address her concerns and ensure her experience is superior next time. This is how much you value her and want to keep her as your client.

    So let’s give it a shot and see your clients bloom and smile when you surprise them with a Random Act of Thanks!