• Why I Dare to Give, and You Should Too

    LG Headshot“I just don’t have the time.

    But I’m not qualified.

    I can’t find the right organization to work with.

    I can’t make a difference; I’m only one person.”

    Any of these sound familiar? You’re not alone. Most people have avoided the act of giving—whether they meant to or not—within their lifetimes, but this holiday season we challenge you to find a way.

    give backTo make giving easier than ever, there’s #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. Held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s an opportunity for people around the world to come together and focus on one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

    “But I’m a small business owner and don’t have the time or resources to give back.”

    Giving back is a win-win scenario for your business. Studies show that consumers around the world prefer to buy products and services from businesses that give back. In fact, 46% of consumers are willing to pay extra for these products and services. As professional skin therapists and salon owners, you have the opportunity to give back to your community while also drawing attention to your business and attracting new potential clients.

    Whether a non-profit organization, book club or even potluck dinner, individuals are always looking to be part of something greater than themselves. Giving Tuesday provides you with the opportunity to work with your clients to give back and, perhaps, appeal to new consumers as well.

    So the next question is obvious: how do you participate?

    It’s easy! Donate to your favorite charity or cause on Giving Tuesday. If you don’t have one yet, visit to research ideas. Check out what’s happening in your local community this year on Giving Tuesday (December 1, 2015), and be a part of it!

    Or join us to help women and girls achieve Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship! Visit to find out how. Always remember that even the smallest gesture goes a long way. Together we can all make a difference for someone, somewhere, somehow.

    How will you be giving back? Tell us @joinFITE #GivingTuesday.

  • Morning Joe with Jane Wurwand

    Watch our chief visionary Jane Wurwand on MSNBC’s Morning Joe as she discusses the significance and economic impact of our industry, and how FITE helps women entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Right on, fight on for Mandela Day with joinFITE

    Nelson Mandela says that poverty is not an accident—it is the result of human actions, and it can be, and must be, corrected by human actions.

    He has dedicated his life to this belief, and to direct actions which support the belief. It’s incredible to think that this iconic, Nobel Peace Prize-winning crusader for worldwide justice, equality and democracy was arrested for treason and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964. He was incarcerated for 26 years, and released in 1990.

    The most significant number: Mandela has devoted 67 years to fighting the good fight. And we’re encouraging you to do the same on July 18, by helping us extend microloans to 670 women, around the world. These microloans will enable the women to start or expand businesses which will bring economic empowerment to themselves, their families, and their communities. And, participating in this way on July 18 will not cost you one cent.

    It’s how our global women’s initiative, joinFITE, is honoring Mandela Day. Please visit to get the full story. The loan will be funded by Dermalogica – you engage in the process online by seeing the profiles of qualified candidates for the loans, identifying a woman and a business venture that especially resonates for you, and “directing” the loan. There is no cost to individuals—we’re only asking you to participate by choosing who gets a loan on July 18.

    Since we founded joinFITE in 2011, we’ve funded literally thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, all of them women. No one epitomizes the “good fight” more than Nelson Mandela, and joining in has never been simpler, or more powerful. Thank you for taking part in being a changemaker.

    View Jane’s message here and be a changemaker by directing a trial loan at

  • Why I’m Not Over the Hill

    By “the hill”, I mean Hillary Clinton. I am not over her. I am not giving up on her. And as for Hill herself – when will she give up? I think when you hear that crackling sound way off in the distance, and the furious hissing of steam. That would be the sound of hell freezing over.

    With March as Women’s History Month, it’s really easy to slide into lots of platitudes about girl power. Hill doesn’t really go there.

    She epitomizes the core quality which I admire most: resiliency. Hillary bounces back in the face of crushing defeat. When you look back over her presence in the public eye during the past two decades, she has endured loss and defeat. Oh, the shame — yet the talk on the Hill these days is that she might swap jobs with Joe Biden and run alongside President Obama as his stalwart VP. Well, I can dream can’t I …?

    On a policy level, her health care crusade was a colossal disappointment. It is shameful that millions more Americans today cannot provide adequate health insurance coverage for themselves and their families, especially as more Americans are separated from conventional 9-to-5 jobs with employer benefits packages.

    Pundits of every stripe even take delight in skewering Hillary for her wardrobe, notably her solidly square pantsuits in every color, and her awkward choices of coiffure. Feminists insist that role of the First Lady or Secretary of State is not a beauty pageant contestant, and that the White House is not a fashion show. In a sense, I must disagree. Especially now in the digital age, when images of the First Lady are sent around the world faster than your hair can stick to your lip-gloss. This connectivity is a powerful opportunity for the quintessential American woman to tell women everywhere who we are.

    Who is she? Hillary is a Goddess. Let’s see — Artemis, known as Diana to the Romans, was a virgin huntress. She wore fierce leather archery braces on her arms and shins as she moved through the forests beneath the moon. Not exactly a fashion-plate or a seductress, but one bad mammer-jammer with that bow and arrow.

    Athena, patroness of Athens, known to the Romans as Minerva, wasn’t born in a conventional, female, fleshy way. She sprang, as a full-formed miniature woman, fully clad in armor, from the knee, or head (depending on the version of the myth), of her father, Mighty Zeus — no mother present. Oh, and Athena was also a virgin. No hubby, baby-daddy or cozy momming in this goddess profile.

    Though perhaps no sex-bomb, Hillary is indeed a wife and mother. But she brings that fierceness of the virgin huntress and civic warrior to her bearing as Secretary of State. It’s also worth mentioning that Hill and Bill seem to have treated the timing of parenthood strategically, a key lesson which I reinforce when I speak to women’s groups. If it’s possible to have it all, I know for sure that you cannot possibly have it all at the same time. Tempo is critical.

    Hill’s been on the bus a long time. She’s been to the mountaintop. She’s been to hell and back. She’s walked the fire-walk. You can see the weariness in the firm set of her mouth. But there’s a cold fire in those eyes, burning on.

    Every woman can take a page from her — she’s a big thinker, a tireless fighter, a protector of justice, and she’s still here. Right on Sister…

  • Dr. Diana Howard’s Visit to the Middle East!

    Last week I had the distinct pleasure of being an invited lecturer at the 2nd annual Middle East Congress in Dubai. And what an event it was! Perhaps more important than the event itself (and all of the fabulous information that was shared with the attendees) was the impression that they made on me. What a wonderful group of skin therapists! We had male and female guests from UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait and Iran. These countries are very different from where many of us reside, yet I couldn’t help but notice they had the same questions, issues and dreams about their businesses as their skin therapist counterparts from around the world.

    I was especially impressed with the group of 65 (primarily women) from Pakistan. At first it was their colorful, traditional Salwar kameez attire that caught my attention! Then, upon speaking with many of them individually, I was taken not only by their dedication and commitment to our industry, but their personal stories of how skin care transcends beyond the business and helps make a difference in others’ lives.

    This concept resonated with me because in my 31 years in this industry, I know all too well that it’s not the scientific lectures or the products that I help to develop that gives me a sense of personal satisfaction. Rather, it’s the one-on-one moments where skin therapists convey to me how Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute have helped them in their professional businesses. It has helped them to be more successful, and in many instances their success has ensured that they can put food on their family’s table and pay for their children’s education. When I hear how many of these women themselves are now committed to helping others in their community, it gives me great pride to be part of this industry.

    In particular, one delightful woman stands out in my mind. Ms. Nighat Misbah is a successful business woman responsible for 30 skin treatment centers in Pakistan, and she has also dedicated herself to a cause that is incomprehensible to most of us. In Pakistan, many women are subject to having acid thrown in their faces, or being doused in kerosene and set afire, if they scorn their boyfriends/husbands or bring shame to their family. This horrific crime leaves these women disfigured and scarred for life. Ms. Misbah has joined forces with her sister to form the Depilex Smileagain Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps these victims with the medical recovery process, then helps train these women in a trade or skill, empowering them on the journey of rebuilding their lives. Ms. Misbah is using her career as a professional skin therapist to give a hand up to women who are desperately in need. The work and help that this organization provides is nothing short of heroic and today they have successfully helped over 400 women! I urge you to look at their website:

    I couldn’t help but appreciate the irony of the title of my presentation at this Congress: Zero to Hero. I talked about how there are heroes amongst us and that heroes take all shapes and forms, including education and products that raised the bar in an industry such as ours. Ms. Misbah is truly a hero to many, and I applaud her for her amazing work with women in her country. It also reminds me that each and every one of us can make a difference. At Dermalogica, the campaign with joinFITE is a simple way that all of us can give a hand up to women worldwide. The amazing thing is that it’s at no cost to you! Simply encourage clients who purchase joinFITE products to log on to and enter the unique code, found on the product package. Once your clients unlock the code, Dermalogica donates the funds on their behalf. It couldn’t be any simpler, and yet it can make a difference for a woman entrepreneur, who just needs a helping hand.

    I look forward to my return visit to the Middle East, and maybe even a visit to Pakistan to see my new friends.