• Keeping the Brain Ticking – Through Education

    Just in case you were in any doubt how important it is to keep exercising our brains and stimulating it with new ideas, a recent research study from the University of British Columbia has discovered how brain cells change (for the positive) during learning. The research shows that learning stimulates our brain cells to cause a biochemical modification, which is essential in producing the changes in brain cell connectivity; thus improving how we learn and our memory function.

    Especially with Alzheimer’s disease on the rise, it’s a pretty convincing argument to continue your education with IDI — all it takes is a trip to a training center near you. Not only will your brain be grateful by stimulating a few million brain cells, so will your business!

    As Benjamin Franklin once put it, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

  • Grand Opening of New Dermalogica & IDI Learning Center in Atlanta

    More than 200 guests attended the new Dermalogica in Atlanta gala opening, located in the historic Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta, GA. Local stockists, professional skin therapists, students preparing for their licensing exams, skin care industry professionals and media from the area gathered at the 2,500 square foot space late January to celebrate the innovative new hybrid learning center; which merges consumer education, sales and professional training all under one roof.

    On hand for the celebration was Jane Wurwand, IDI & Dermalogica Founder and Chief Visionary, who welcomed the attendees with opening remarks and expressed enthusiasm for the importance of immersing retail customers with a brand experience — allowing them to see the professional in training and in action. “The professional skin therapist, not our ingredient formulations, is the hero in our industry,” she said. “Great products are important, but even the best formulations in the world will not help you achieve the desired results if you don’t know how to use them. We have brought the expertise of the skin care therapist out of the treatment room and into the spotlight! We’re very excited about our transparent business model, which invites the consumer to observe classroom learning and allows the consumer to be educated in the process.”

    Representing both The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, Wurwand was joined by Dr. Diana Howard, Vice President of Research and Development and Global Education, and Heather Hickman, Senior Director of U.S. Education. The Dermalogica & IDI team mingled with guests, who enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, gift bags, complimentary Face Mapping and product sampling at the Skin Bar. Hickman commented, “Everybody wins with Dermalogica’s hybrid approach. We are proud to give skin therapists the respect they deserve, and we are confident that customers will learn a great deal about their skin in the process.”

    The new Dermalogica in Atlanta learning center is located at 232 19th Street NW Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA 30363 and currently offering classes. To view more photos, visit their Facebook page.