• January and Jelly Beans: How Organizing Will Help You Meet Your Goals


    One of my highlights in January is buying a new planner and diary for the year ahead. I love the sense of new beginnings that it gives me. Re-organize, re-group and re-focus – that is my January motto.

    While many may balk at the prospect of reworking tasks or plans, reorganizing can be incredibly motivating and can set the tone for a productive and rewarding year.

    Have you given your year ahead any thought yet? Do you have ambitious plans to drive your dreams forward?

    What a great start to the year for those of you that have been decisive!

    If not, don’t panic, you are not alone and there is still time to get onto it. I have had many a conversation with those who feel they are just too busy for all that sensible sorting out nonsense. Or you may be someone who has just become wrapped up in your daily process and simply not stopped to consider the possibilities in a new year.

    Even if you are anti-New Year’s Resolutions, resolve to dedicate a couple of hours to a little reorganizing and you might surprise yourself with all that can be achieved through a little task tackling.

    I highly recommend an administrative spring clean as a starting point. By dealing with all that tedious paperwork, writing up important diary dates and mapping out your intentions for the year, you will make great strides towards making your ambitions realities, along with having more time to do the stuff you really want to do. I would add that tediousness always needs to be balanced with pleasure…that would be a welcome little bag of Jelly Beans in my case! I am sure you will have your own favorites to support you through the somewhat mundane chores, but I guarantee you will be invigorated by the process in the end (not just high on sugar!).

    I usually find that by consciously and actively reorganizing myself I almost can’t help regrouping. Could I fit in more time with so and so? Do I want to keep up with this particular commitment? Am I still happy participating in or contributing to this activity? And so forth…

    When I was about 24, this exact process made me realize how much I wanted to travel and explore life abroad. I set in motion a plan that took four months to come to fruition and I moved from sleepy Durban, South Africa to busy, buzzing London, in the United Kingdom. A big dream had become a reality by simply getting organized.

    Working in Britain also made me realize that I wanted so much more from my skin care career and that has led to a fantastically enriched 18 years with The International Dermal Institute teaching all over the world. I am grateful every day for making the bold move to leave a stable job of 5 years to pursue travel dreams.

    Making a little time to reorganize, will give you opportunity to regroup, and inevitably re-focus. It may be just what you need to fire up your career, make those desirable life changes or simply make more of your current situation.

    January is the month where the New Year’s Resolutionists battle it out with the Cynics and Complacents. Some would say resolutions are a waste of time, as most rarely last beyond January. Yet, I would say that making them and keeping them depends largely on how important those resolutions are to you and your future.

  • Time to Make a Change?

    Have you ever visited a hotel and thought to yourself, “hmmm, this place is looking a bit dated, it needs a mini face lift”? These kinds of details are easy to see when it’s someone else’s business, but it may not be so easy when it’s our own. Just as hotels date quite quickly, so do skin treatment centers. Since your brand image is sacred to you and your customers, it needs to be kept fresh and on trend!

    Consider these points:

    • Your image is the magnet to attract new clients. A strong, clear-branded image translates to powerful marketing.

    • Your reception area offers clients the opportunity, experience and ease of buying from you. Are you capitalizing on this?

    • Your image should say “we are progressive, we move forward with our customers ever-evolving needs” not “same old, same old.”

    • A treatment center revamp shows your customers that you care about your business and you care about them too.

    You don’t have to break the bank with a revamp – some simple but effective changes can make all the difference. Try these enhancements:

    A new coat of paint- consider changing the color of your space, perhaps even slightly. Neutrals work well in the relaxing treatment room environment. I recommend you avoid the color pink – women seem to be over the use of pink in representing something as “feminine”.

    Buy new towels or headbands, maybe in a new color. Nothing feels nicer than fresh, clean laundry.

    Move your posters and art work around. Clients get bored staring at the same images in both your treatment and reception space.

    Get new merchandising pieces such as acrylic frames, boxes, cubs etc. to spice things up a bit.

    Consider moving your “hot spots” around to again make the familiar unfamiliar.

    Invest in dimmer switches if you haven’t already. Mood lighting makes a HUGE difference to the overall ambiance.

    Move shelves around and look at re-merchandising all your stock.

    Less is definitely more. If your space is starting to get cluttered with too many pieces of furniture, plants, ornaments, dried flowers, magazines, etc., have a cleansing session.

    Peruse online decorating sites or buy some home styling magazines for inspiration.

    The hard bit is getting started, so as Nike says, “Just Do It!” Once done you’ll feel and look amazing. Good luck!