• Negative Reviews: The Silver Lining

    If you have social media pages for your business, it’s possible that you’ve experienced the dreaded “negative review” moment. This would be the moment when you log into your Facebook page, or Yelp page, or possibly it’s Twitter, and you see that someone has publicly complained about something within your business.

    But is a negative review actually a negative experience? Not always. Of course there are those occasions where people aren’t very nice with their words, but often, it’s just about perception.

    If you receive a negative review, stop and understand how you perceive the message. Is your initial instinct to take offense? Do you feel scared that that review may affect future business for the worse? Do you feel misunderstood? These feelings are normal, but they can get in the way.

    Sometimes people want to be heard above anything else, so instead, put yourself aside and listen to what the reviewer is actually saying. Is this person offering helpful advice? Is this an opportunity for you to help someone out when you didn’t know there was an issue? Are you able to publically show that you care for your clients by responding and handling the manner? Every negative review has its silver lining.

    When a negative review comes in, it’s best to reply as quickly as you can with a warm and understanding approach. Let your clients know you hear them and that you understand they are unhappy. Ensure that you appreciate both their business and their interest in reaching out, and that you’ll take the necessary action to resolve the issue. It never hurts to include a free service, gift, or product to help reconcile the situation. Chances are they’ll understand and be more willing to work with you given your concerned and thoughtful approach.

    What about positive reviews? It’s still great to interact with your clients and thank them for taking the time to write a nice message!