• Roses are Red… and Great for Your Skin!

    I have a favorite cream colored, climbing rose in my garden that, last summer so generous in its bounty, gave me three rounds of fresh scented blooms and many evenings of pleasure seated beneath it engrossed in a good book. The fragrance of Rose evokes images of warm summer days in English country gardens, but this beautiful flower holds more great benefits than just its fragrance.

    The 17th-century English physician Culpeper wrote that red roses strengthen the heart. He may have been referring to a physical action, but anyone who has inhaled fresh roses or their essential oil knows the aroma strengthens the heart spiritually and emotionally as well. Used in medicines, for perfume and in culinary creations, the rose holds many talents but not least in its long standing respected use in skin care products.

    Both the flower and the hip provide an excellent source of Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and Lycopene, all of which are important antioxidants to fight aging and regenerate healthy skin cells. Rich in essential fatty acids, this lightweight oil also helps to restore an impaired skin barrier caused by aging, stress, incorrect product use and dry environments. Historically reported to be used for skin healing, eczema and scarring, Rose Hip contains natural Retinoic Acid constituents that will again stimulate repair and regeneration. Best applied overnight in a pre-blended serum, a dry and itchy skin will be left feeling soft and luminous by morning. The benefits of the humble rose date back many hundreds of years. Long may it continue to soothe our senses and repair and rejuvenate our skins, giving us such joy in our gardens.