• Product Solutions: 3 Ways to Deep Clean the Skin


    Pore refining! Blemish free! Blackhead busting! All you have to do these days is flick through the latest copy of your favorite magazine or switch on the TV to see images of people with happy faces and flawless skin, usually accompanied with claims for products or ingredients that promise to deliver that clear skin we all strive for.

    In fact, breakouts and blackhead concerns follow very closely on the tail of our top contender, aging skin! And it’s no wonder because every one of us will experience unwanted blemishes at some point in our lives. I can bet that many of us even have a fail proof home remedy, like the humble toothpaste for example, which some believe can banish a spot overnight!

    Whatever the chosen method, for us as professional skin therapists there are varied options that enable us to graduate into different levels of ‘deep cleansing’, which we can recommend to our clients depending on their skin needs.

    Deep clean with Cleansers: Remove surface debris

    To fully reap the rewards of a consistent skincare routine we need to ensure that we start out with the most important step of all, a thorough cleanse. The ‘often underestimated’ cleanse can either make or break the remaining steps of any skin care routine or professional treatment. Many of our clients are under the impression that a cleansing wipe is all it takes to wipe away the grime that collects on the skin throughout the day, but unfortunately this is not enough to remove hard wearing makeup, SPF and dirt. To ensure a deep and effective cleanse we advise to do a ‘double cleanse’. 

    Using an oil based cleanser for the first cleanse is a bit like using a magnet to attract excess oils and debris from the skin. It is brilliant for lifting that initial film of impurities and preventing potential breakouts that can occur through poor cleansing habits. However, there is the small minority of clients who won’t be swayed to use any kind of oil on their skin especially if oiliness is their key concern. In this instance it is best to opt for a clay based cleanser containing a hint of Menthol, which will absorb excess oil and act as an astringent, leaving the skin matte and refined—an oil-phobe’s dream!

    To enhance the cleansing step there are additional tools we can use such as a soft bristle brush which will further assist with removing oils and debris, turning an ordinary cleanse into power cleanse.

    Deep clean with Exfoliants: Renew and refine 

    As we already know, our skin naturally renews and sheds itself every 28 days or so. However, for various reasons this process can sometimes become a bit sluggish and needs some intervention… enter exfoliation. We know that exfoliation smooths and brightens the surface of the skin by removing dead and dulling skin cells but it also helps to clear out excess oil in the follicles, the combination of these two elements are the usual suspects in the formation of the dreaded ‘spot’. There are different types of exfoliants we can choose from such as a scrub, which make use of ingredients like Corn Cob Meal to gently polish the skin. Other types are hydroxy acids and enzymes, which include ingredients such as the lipid loving Salicylic Acid that actively clears out any impactions and provides anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce obvious redness and irritation. Whatever your client’s skin concern, this is that key step that can bring about dramatic and instant change to the skin, especially when it comes to keeping unsightly breakouts at bay.

    Deep clean with Masques: Detox and purify 

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to treating the skin with a masque. Yet this is often the step of a home care routine that is neglected, so we need to ensure that we are communicating the benefits of masquing to our clients. Introducing a masque into the routine is the best way of getting highly active ingredients into the skin in a matter of minutes, and the good news is that we can use more than one in order to address a number of skin concerns often found in different areas of the face at the same time. A great option for purifying and detoxifying is a current trending ingredient, Activated Charcoal, which is great for pulling impurities out the skin leaving a smooth and more lively looking complexion.

    When we hear the term ‘deep cleanse’ we tend to think only of oily or congested skin as the perfect candidate, when in actual fact all skins can benefit from a good clear out. With Spring around the corner many people will be planning on de-cluttering their homes and living spaces, so what better time than now to do the same with our clients’ skin. Bring it back to basics to achieve a fresh and luminous looking skin this Spring.

  • A Clean Future

    Emma new bio shot cropWe’re all guilty of it — accumulating “debris,” be it physical or mental. Yes, I freely admit, I have a filing system that is screaming for attention and an outlook box that sends me a message most days to tell me it is nearly full!

    Spring is such a great opportunity, and excuse, to take the challenge to dust off your business plan, sweep away the old and tired, wipe up metaphorical cobwebs and make space for fresh, clean business opportunities.

    Here are my nine “Spring Clean Suggestions” to assist you in the process:

    1. Clean Up Your Shop Window
    • Take a look at your business from the outside in; clear all the visual clutter to send a clearly defined branding message.
    • Look at your reception area with a set of fresh eyes. What does your client see that has to go? Old magazines? A half dying plant? Old merchandising pieces and special offers?
    • Remember to do the same for your business’ website.

    2. Check What Works
    • Review what products and services have sold well in the last year; which are profitable? Then be brutal and decide what needs to go from your product shelves and your menu of services.
    • It’s time to be an evangelist of simplicity; remember “less is more” and “quality over quantity.”

    3. Walk the Room
    • Take a walk into every room, look around, open every cupboard and ask yourself: do I use this and do I need it? If the answer is no, it’s got to go!

    4. Take Control of Your Cash Flow Management
    • Aim to pay all your outstanding bills.
    • Renegotiate your rent, bank fees, merchant card fees and terms of trading.
    • Manage your spending, expenses, salaries etc.

    5. Clean Your Database
    • Remove the “dead wood” from your database – contact all clients you have not seen for over 18 months and remove those that are no longer interested or have moved away.

    6. Polish Up Your Skill Set
    • Review your staff’s recent training history to ensure all team members are up to speed in all the latest technique and product developments (this is also a great mental motivator).

    7. Dust off Your Business Plan
    • It’s time to revisit your business plan and ascertain how you are performing. If you’re off course, create immediate strategies to get yourself back on track.

    8. Clear the Air
    • Speak to your team members and find out what may be challenging them in the work place. Is something broken that needs fixing or replacing? Perhaps they are frustrated with the current stock levels? Maybe they are demotivated with the incentives you have in place.
    • Once heard, remove the obstacles and clear the way for positive change.

    9. Fresh Ideas
    • Have a brainstorming session with your staff and your VIPs.
    • Look for new ways to drive increased demand from clients.
    • Offer new services, both seasonal and on-trend.
    • Create new product and service promotions to keep it fresh.
    • Get/develop easier systems for your employees to work with.

    Just Do It!
    Set aside the time for spring cleaning and don’t feel overwhelmed. Write a prioritized to-do list, creating small individual tasks to make them more manageable. And whatever you do, don’t put “it” off – organizing and cleaning is a positive, empowering action that will create a healthier, happier business!