• 4 Simple Ways to Spark Your Career Success

    As skin therapists we have all at one time felt frustrated when appointments seem scarce, the salon is slow or retails sales are not up to par. However, don’t let these bumps in your career put out your fire! In an industry that can be fiercely competitive, you have to channel your passion, ignite your spark and show the world that you know and love skin. Remember, YOU are the skin therapist that is going to be changing lives (or at least skin health!). The advice is simple…get obsessed, become a true skin enthusiast and an expert in your craft—and most importantly, believe in yourself. The fact is, you already know how to be successful; you may have just gotten distracted for a moment. Let’s get re-focused! Confidence brings clients and if you share this same sense of passion for the industry, then read on for ways to spark your success.

    Get empowered through education

    The best way to learn and experience what is going on in the industry is to continue your education in and outside of the treatment space. Many of us found our way into skin care by actually being a client first; receiving treatments from another professional is an excellent way to experience various techniques and to get inspired. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, and we must be able to do the same. Take the time to strive towards your professional best by staying up to date on product innovations, learning new techniques and ingredients. Whether this is online, in the classroom or receiving a treatment, education = empowerment and clients are seeking that type of elevated training in a therapist.

    Make the connection

    General networking events are a great way to meet people, however, take a moment and think—where are you making your most impactful connections that not only inspire you but the business you’re in as well? Kick start your philanthropic spirit by getting involved with groups or initiatives that create meaningful relationships, where people want to propel each other’s success. Client’s like to do business with professionals who do good. Get involved and give back.

    Don’t know where to start? Visit Dermalogica’s FITE page for ideas and resources.

    Put your PR On

    Consider this as your personal rave, your personal reputation, your passion re-ignited. Take charge of brand YOU by sharing with your clients why you love what you do and why you are the best. Are you an exceptional brow specialist? Are your extractions painless? Is your massage the best in the city? This is not the time to be bashful about your talents. Be proud of what you do, as there is nothing wrong with bragging as long as you can back it up. In other words, you’re kind of a big deal.

    Get local on your social

    Even if you don’t have a million followers on Twitter, you do have local raving fans and they want to know what you recommend for treating the skin. With social media you can create that instant connection with clients and even gain a few new ones in the process. Your advice on skin health can be given anytime, any day by posting about what you do on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Clients want to be educated and will readily read and re-post your skin care secrets. Don’t be shy about your healthy skin tips, embrace your inner expert and share! You can even fill up that empty spot in your schedule by using your social media to instantly alert clients that you have an opening versus calling them. Trust me, they are checking their Facebook page more often than their voicemail.

    Use these simple steps to spark your professional success and growth. It’s time to put your newfound confidence to work and invest in creating the career that you deserve!

  • SKINtuition: 6 Ways to Stand Out in the Age of Impatience


    Looking back, industry trends in 2015 heralded some fascinating consumer behavior. Clients took advantage of new booking apps that deliver an at-home massage within one hour, but then endured long and multiple color appointments to accomplish that perfect ombre fade. Who would have expected #multimasking to have a major moment on Instagram, or that lash extensions would creep north and we’d be microblading in bushier brows? We tried to be more mindful, especially as we consumed copious amounts of kale. I’d love to know who the PR team is behind kale because they deserve an award for 2015’s most popular cabbage. Consumer trends can be overwhelming, but they are worth extra attention. The trick is to decipher what’s going to stick, what’s a fad and what is just plain bonkers.

    One trend that seems to be here to stay is the need for instant gratific­ation. Thanks to our hyper-connectivity and a tolerance for waiting that has dropped to zero, restless impatience is driving industry trends and will impact your business in 2016.

    This “Amazon-ification” level of expectation has surpassed virtual reality and seeped into every corner of our lives. Waiting 48 hours for an online order seems like an eternity, so same-day delivery is becoming the norm. Smartphone apps not only eliminate waiting for a cab, but human interaction: apps can bypass flirting by suggesting a date and securing a table at the toughest reservation in town. Teenagers don’t watch TV; they stream their favorite shows and movies on their tablet or laptop in seconds.

    Experts caution that all this instant gratification comes at a price; it’s made us terribly impatient. The new anxiety, wasting a single moment not getting exactly what you want. A study from the University of Massassa­chusettes Amherst says we now abandon videos if they take longer than two seconds to load. Today’s consumer is so restless that we’d rather be literally shocked than have nothing to do. University of Virginia scientists found that participants preferred to administer electric shocks to themselves rather than being left alone with their own thoughts for 6 to 15 minutes. We literally crave stimulation!

    If you are still operating your business like you did even two years ago, you need to “think quicker.” Here are six to-dos to help satisfy restless, impatient clients.

    1. Mobile Booking
    Make appointment booking painless by providing a quick online or even better mobile app option.

    2. Improve Software
    Ensure that check-in and check-out is efficient. Invest in computerized software that keeps client information on file for fewer lines and faster service.

    3. Develop Micro Services
    Consider offering “no appointment necessary” for micro services under 30 minutes.

    4. Engage During Waits
    Identify ways to engage clients while they wait. Can they give themselves a mini treatment at your product pool or skin bar, or make their own bath salts at your salt bar? Perhaps they get a “texters thumb” massage while watching video tutorials on how to treat their delicate eye area. Get creative!

    5. Text Confirmation
    Confirm appointments via text or a messaging app. Don’t leave a voicemail asking for a call back to confirm the appointment.

    6. Make Products Pronto
    Ensure that you have comprehensive client profiles set up in your system so you can quickly deliver or mail that emergency travel product or cleanser when they run out. Even better, track their purchases and anticipate what products they need replenished. The client who drives, parks and comes in for a single product is diminishing, but this kind of forward-thinking customer service can help grow your clientele and your retail business.

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  • Follow Your SKINtuition with Annet King

    IDI bug blog

    Are you’re looking for a little push in the right direction in your career, and don’t know where to start? Leave it to our director of global education Annet King to get you moving onward and upward!

    All you have to do is read her monthly column SKINtuition, as seen in Skin Inc. Magazine, to learn expert tips and business advice for all professionals in skin therapy.

    So regardless if you’re a skin care pro out on your own or the proud owner of a skin center, take a moment to check out the latest entries to help take your career and your business to the next level of success.

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  • Show Some Love for Your Professional Skin Therapist

    Today we show our appreciation to every single professional skin therapist for your dedication to skin health and for your gift of healing through touch.

    Thank you for allowing The International Dermal Institute to help you grow your passion for skin care into a successful career, for without you we would not be here today. We would also like to give a special thanks to our industry partners in hair, makeup and nails for strengthening and solidifying our place in the business community.

    Happy National Beautician’s Day!














  • Zurich Welcomes New Training Center

    March was the perfect month to visit Zurich, Switzerland, as spring in Europe is magical. I love the cold, crisp air, the sun shimmering in the brilliant blue sky, it made the perfect backdrop for this beautiful and picturesque city to speak about.

    The first thing on my agenda was a media event, held at one of Dermalogica’s Corporate Skin Bars in the iconic Globus department store. This was the perfect environment to showcase the signature skin analysis and retailing concepts that guarantee success, as well as introduce to the media a new skin brightening product system. This was a really fun, engaging and entertaining event and everyone left enriched by the experience and ready to tackle those pesky spots!

    The best part of this visit was the privilege to be invited to officially ‘open’ the brand new Dermalogica offices and training center. The learning environment they have created for their customers is absolutely spectacular.

    A welcome breakfast was hosted by the team and food provided by one of Zurich’s top chefs, Pascal Schmutz. We got ‘down to business’ with the seminar focusing on ‘How to Sell to The Most Powerful Consumers on Earth,’ and the launch of the ‘Face Map Our Nation’ campaign, along with the new product system.  Having launched this campaign in Australia last year, it was a great opportunity to share our initiatives and success stories, and to inspire a little ‘friendly competition’ with the challenge to Face Map more people in Switzerland than Australia, proportionally to the size of the population of course! With the energy and enthusiasm displayed by the attendees I don’t this think will be too difficult a task at all.

    It was an honour and a delight to work with the inspired and energetic Swiss team, and a privilege to have the opportunity to meet with and speak to their very dedicated, passionate customers.

    The only real challenge of this visit, showing restraint by trying not to over indulge in the most delicious chocolate in the world!

  • Destination Success – Planning Out Your Business Road Map

    Benjamin Franklin once said that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  Starting any new calendar year requires business due diligence. It’s the time for any business to set out its road map for the year. What will the final destination be? How are you going to get there? What will you change this year over last to make things better? Remembering, if you do exactly the same as you did last year, you’ll end up with exactly the same result! In fact you’ll end up with less, because everything costs more due to inflation.

    Starting the New Year first requires a review of 2014. Did your business experience growth? If so how much, and what was this growth a result of? Secondly, if you didn’t grow or your business was in decline, why? Where did you go wrong? Once you have identified your business position you are now able to make informed choices and plan strategies to ensure (as best as possible) that by the end of 2015 you’re looking at a healthy balance sheet, one where your business has experienced a healthy growth and profit margin.

    After you have determined your overall growth prediction and where you plan for that growth to come from (treatment sales, retail sales, saving on budget expenditure, new clients etc.) you can then divide that into quarters, bite sized time frames that allow you to achieve your goals.

    Your first quarter planning should include:

    1. Ensure you have a strategy meeting with your business development consultant(s)/sales representatives from your product suppliers. Find out their plans and company direction. What promotions do they have in place for the first quarter? What business advice can they lend to help support you in your 2015 business plan?

    2. Meet with your accountant to ‘set the books straight’!

    3. Set your quarterly budget.

    4. Set your retail and treatment revenue targets.

    5. Identify your cash flow needs.

    6. Set your marketing plan to include advertising, seasonal promotions, new product launches, your social media (blog, Facebook, etc.) content, newsletters, etc.

    7. Order both retail and professional products ensuring your can deliver the perfect customer service experience.

    8. Plan and budget your staffs training needs.

    9. Ensure all equipment and salon repairs have been amended.

    10. Get your staff on-board.

    Once you have made your plan it is then time to get your whole team on board, because without them you simply won’t achieve much. Organize a staff meeting to share your overall goals for the year, give them your business vision for 2015. This may include purchasing new equipment, being trained in new skills, renovating your reception area, revamping your treatment rooms, buying new laundry or hiring new staff. Share with them how important their input and support is to the overall success of the business. Also in this meeting review the targets and goals of the first quarter and how you and they believe you’ll achieve them, share their training and development plan for the first quarter and any promotional events you have planned.

    Lastly plan your diary. You have a lot to do and if you allow time to run away with you then it’s likely you’ll never achieve your goals. Set your business time, your entrepreneurial time, your staff training time, your marketing time, etc. into your daily planner. Then make a promise to yourself to try very hard never to cancel this valuable time from your diary!

    Remember “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”  – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    Here’s to good fortune for 2015 for all of us!

  • A Warm Exchange: Greek Skin Therapists Learn Business Tips from IDI

    We love to host visitors from around the world in our Leatherhead, United Kingdom location. This is always a favorite part of our role as many visitors may have never been to the UK or even traveled outside of their own country.

    From June 16-17, we hosted a fantastic two day training event for a group of skin therapists from Greece. Their trip began with visiting London over the weekend where they wandered around the top sightseeing spots at their leisure.

    On Monday morning, they arrived excited and ready to begin the days meeting. Our International team inspired them with the IDI seminar “Solar Damage and Protection,” a topic that’s extremely relevant for the sunny Greek market! They were totally blown away by the information and just loved seeing everything put into practice with a creative demonstration that followed the lecture.

    The following day turned to a business focus to help them cope with the economic crisis – hit especially hard in Greece. Our new business workshop on express treatments was a great hit, they left the workshop extremely motivated and inspired with ideas to take back to their market. Some things they learnt were choosing which express treatments they can implement into their business back home and how to market and promote these treatments effectively, especially when you’re in a business that has lost many service and retail clients due to the economic crisis.

    We also covered the flexibility of offering express treatments – how they can be offered outside of a treatment room or used off site to promote their business. They especially learnt a lot from the demonstration, noticing the key differences between a 20-minute express treatment versus a full 60-minute treatment – they have fixed stages that are flexible according to the client’s key concerns, goals and what should be prioritize in the treatment.

    Their visit came to a close with a very special thank you from our team, by taking them to see and experience an express treatments firsthand at the Dermalogica Bentalls concept store in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. A perfect way to help cement what they learnt! Next a celebratory lunch on the river was the perfect way to end such a successful and enjoyable visit from such passionate and dedicated skin therapists. We will miss them!

    Here’s some feedback that reflects how important and impactful our education can be.

    “Every time I get back from a seminar I raise the level of my work.” – Lekka Aikaterini

    “As always learnt and gained a lot, lessons had consistency and trainers were perfect.” – Giolanta Agatsidou

  • Honduras Skin Therapists Seize the Moment to Learn from IDI

    Despite traveling to a foreign country where we may not speak the same language or nothing is familiar; there is one thing that I feel is the same regardless of where you go…That is skin care. This was evident in my recent travels to Honduras. I had the honor of traveling down to teach key accounts and new accounts concepts for success. I also had the opportunity to provide some fundamental product training. This was an opportunity to elevate the students from being a regular skin therapist to move toward being an expert in their craft.

    In my travels to Honduras I was able to visit two cities. My journey first began in San Pedro Sula, where the training sessions were much more intimate with about 10 students; by the end of the event we had 17 newly inspired therapists and salon owners. My next stop was Tegucigalpa, where 38 individuals, made up of skin therapists and owners, gathered to enjoy learning new concepts about skin analysis. They were advised to look and feel in 14 different areas of the face to notice changes in the skin, and witnessed some 20 minute, results-oriented express treatments as well as receiving tips on retailing. There was an overall sense that this new information they learned would lead them to success by bringing in new business and boosting sales.

    Regardless of our level skin knowledge, we are in a customer centric industry. Seize the moment to learn new opportunities and perhaps learn a new tip or trick.

  • Keeping the Brain Ticking – Through Education

    Just in case you were in any doubt how important it is to keep exercising our brains and stimulating it with new ideas, a recent research study from the University of British Columbia has discovered how brain cells change (for the positive) during learning. The research shows that learning stimulates our brain cells to cause a biochemical modification, which is essential in producing the changes in brain cell connectivity; thus improving how we learn and our memory function.

    Especially with Alzheimer’s disease on the rise, it’s a pretty convincing argument to continue your education with IDI — all it takes is a trip to a training center near you. Not only will your brain be grateful by stimulating a few million brain cells, so will your business!

    As Benjamin Franklin once put it, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

  • We Heart IDI

    To celebrate our 30th anniversary here at The International Dermal Institute, we asked IDI team members from around the globe to tell us what they love most about working at IDI! We appreciate the hard work, dedication and intelligence of each of our team members, and we are so grateful to offer their expertise to our students. Find out what our beloved educators and staff had to say about working at IDI:

    “I had my first taste of IDI at a seminar held in South Africa in the mid-1990s and it changed everything for me. I had always felt that, whilst I enjoyed my work, there was a strange disconnect with other people’s perception of me. It was wonderful to hear Jane speak about our trade in a way that resonated with how I felt. I wanted others to recognize that there was far more value to what skin therapists could and do contribute to society, and it was reassuring to know that I could be so much better than this warped perception. A few years later I moved to the United Kingdom and joined the International Dermal Institute as an Educator. Every day since has been extraordinary – challenging, rewarding, and more connecting than I could possibly have imagined. The International Dermal Institute has not only given me the knowledge and experience I craved, but it has given me a sense of pride in my industry that is a reason to give my best every day. Beyond that I have had the privilege to forge friendships that will last a lifetime. After more than 20 years in the industry, I know I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”
    -Candice Gardner, Educator

    “When I started working for Dermalogica more than 10 years ago, I attended various IDI classes, some of them abroad. I was particularly impressed by the wealth of information and its scientific background. This was completely new to me, because so far my experience with courses in the cosmetics industry were far more superficial and more traditional in Germany. The absolute highlight for me, and one that I will never forget, was the visit by Ohashi, who provided much amazement – as well as a certain amount of amusement – at an IDI class on the subject of face and body reading. His apt and very humorous analysis of a participant just by his shoes was amazing! I never fail to be impressed by the holistic broader view with which the IDI classes are held.”
    -Bettina Zammert, Education Manager, Germany

    “I’ve been in the industry for 14 years, and IDI has played an integral part in my learning and development as a skin therapist and an employee. It takes the journey of knowledge beyond what you expect and motivates you to learn more and share your knowledge with other like-minded skin therapists. IDI has evolved over the years and now in Australia it’s very exciting and motivating to know that yearly, IDI supports an event where we get see and hear from leaders within our industry.”
    -Triska Stratulat, Education Operations Manager, Australia

    “When I first entered the beauty industry in 1995, I was told by many people that I would be bored and never be successful. These people obviously had never heard of IDI. I admit, when I left college I thought I knew it all! I was brought back to reality when I attended my first IDI class. That first day I transformed from a beauty therapist into a skin and body therapist and I’ve never looked back. Over the years the education I gained from the IDI team and other students while in class has greatly built my knowledge and hands-on skills in the treatment room, increased my sales, and ultimately given me confidence. The passion for learning and the industry as a whole was infectious and highly motivational, so much so that I have worked for IDI for the past 10 years. IDI has helped me continually grow and to travel the world while being part of our exciting and ever changing industry. Boring? No way. Successful? Absolutely. Thank you IDI, and happy anniversary!”
    -Claire Crouch: Corporate Training Specialist

    “My passion and excitement for education began with The International Dermal Institute, from attending every IDI workshop as a student to now teaching as an IDI trainer for Australia, New Zealand and Asia. IDI’s education has built my love of skin more than I could have ever imagined, and it has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to share this with skin therapists around the world! I am very proud to represent IDI and be connected to such a strong tribe that shares the same passion for the skin care industry.”
    -Charlotte Brockett, International Senior Instructor

    “I remember attending my first IDI class; it was Effective Skin Analysis just over 16 years ago. I remember being blown away by the pH test with the pH pencil; my boss purchased three at the end of class. The next day we started testing all the cleansers the business stocked and we were shocked by the results! I was hooked on IDI! I was very fortunate to have worked for a woman that believes education is the key to a successful business, so the entire team of therapists were sent to attend training at IDI on regular bases.

    Next came Paraffin Therapies and then I worked my way through every IDI class and Guest Speaker Event that was on offer. With each IDI workshop I attended I used the information to educate my clients about their skin, and I performed the techniques learnt to enhance the treatments I gave. I believe IDI has been a key in assisting me to become a therapist that is well-skilled and knowledgeable.

    IDI ignited my passion for learning to become the best skin therapist I could possibly be, and it helped me make a very easy decision on what direction my career should take. I have just celebrated my 12 year anniversary with the company and am fortunate to be part of the IDI team. Thank you IDI and happy anniversary!”
    -Dennille Ludenau, Corporate Training Manager, Australia

    “I get as excited today when I log onto the IDI website and have at my fingertips the most incredible and valuable source of information to support, strengthen and develop any industry professional as I did 20 years ago when I joined IDI as an educator. It has, and remains, an incredible fountain of knowledge.

    To me IDI is more than simply an education provider, it is a community of like-minded people across the globe who share a common passion, skin/body health and wellness, delivered through the most up to date business practices and outstanding customer service. Whether it is face to face learning in a workshop or symposium, through live webinars, videos or the written word, IDI is our industry’s guiding light; it equips us with the tools to face the future challenges head on and reap the rewards of success. Happy anniversary IDI, here’s to the next 30!”
    -Emma Hobson, Education Manager, Asia, Australia & New Zealand

    “Over the course of several years I took every IDI course I could to not only build my scientific knowledge base on skin, but also to learn and apply new skills to my practice. I quickly found work in a medical clinic and was eventually asked to partner in a medical spa venture and act as their Esthetics Director.

    Because of my exposure to the Dermalogica line while taking practical courses at IDI Minneapolis, I made the easy decision in my first business to carry Dermalogica. Clients absolutely loved the versatility and results of the product line and I felt supported in my continuing education with Dermalogica!
    Throughout my career I frequently sought the advice of my instructor, Holly Stoviak. My professional relationship with Holly provided a secure and supportive mentorship that I continue to value to this day. She steered me clearly on so many decisions and provided wonderful insight into the advancement of my career.

    My time at IDI and Dermalogica as a student facilitated countless networking opportunities, continuously reignited my passion for the industry, kept me competitive as a skin therapist, and provided a trusted and respected ‘home away from home’ through the compassion and professionalism of exceptional instructors and staff.

    IDI broadened my horizons and scope of practice and shaped me into a professional that has gone on to direct cosmetic laser divisions of two medical practices, manage three medical spas, orchestrate an entire build-out on my first business, provide freelance consulting for physicians seeking to open medical spas, and train others in my craft.

    These adventures in my career would NOT have been possible without my continued post graduate education at The International Dermal Institute.”
    -Danielle Spak, Instructor, The International Dermal Institute

    We are pleased to provide skin therapists with the best education possible to ensure success in their skin therapy careers.