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  • Personal Success
    How To: Market Yourself and Build a Clientele

    Do you know how to sell yourself to potential clients? We?ll show you! Explore proactive marketing, social media and outreach tactics to overcome this make-or-break challenge and set yourself up for ...

  • Advanced Skin
    Understanding Cosmeceutical Ingredients in Skin Products

    What?s hype, what?s hoopla, what?s safe, what?s dangerous? The experts at IDI created this class so you can have the answers when your clients come with questions. Join us as we dissect cosmeceutica...

  • Master Therapist
    Skin Series: Eczema and Psoriasis

    Uncover the mysteries behind psoriasis and eczema, all to help you help your clients take charge of these challenging skin conditions.

  • Advanced Skin
    Successfully Treating Hyperpigmentation

    Take on this stubborn condition for happier clients! Learn the causes, treatments, and best ingredients for hyperpigmentation and get hands-on with an afternoon practical that ensures you're ready t...

  • Advanced Skin
    Treating Sensitive Skin

    Skin Sensitization is on the rise, meaning more clients need your professional help. Understand the root causes, triggers and tripwires for this skin condition. Learn what ingredients, treatments an...

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  • Business & Motivation
    Make Your Clients Love You

    Our world is brimming over with superb products. In far shorter supply: professional representatives of those products who win us over with their personalized niche approach. When you skillfully comb...

  • Skin Conditions
    Reading Your Clients: Face Mapping

    As skin therapists, Face Mapping® is our bread and butter. While most clients turn to us to help them offset the evidence of aging, skin in fact records and reveals much more than the mere passag...

  • Alternative Therapies
    What Does Your Dosha Say About You?

    Diagnose your Dosha to better understand your physical, mental and emotional make-up! Understanding your own Dosha, or energy type, will make you more sensitive to your client?s Dosha, allowing ...

  • Skin Conditions
    Reading Your Clients: Body Mapping

    Walt Whitman wrote, “I sing the body electric,” and he was literally right. The body constantly fires out an electromagnetic charge that may be measured by a variety of scientific devices...

  • Business & Motivation
    Change Your Perspective

    The idea of selling may send shivers up your spine, or bring visions of an overly aggressive car or cosmetics counter salesperson. If this is your perception, you're not alone. You are reading this b...

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  • Webisodes
    From Cause to Care: Help your clients manage psoriasis

    Dr. Claudia Aguirre-From Cause to Care: Help your clients manage psoriasis Download the Student Notes

  • Webisodes
    Power Peptides for Your Skin

    Dr. Diana Howard-Power Peptides for Your Skin Download the Student Notes

  • Webisodes
    Using Machines to Power up Your Treatments-Part 1

    Whitney Johnson and Beth Bialko-Using Machines to Power up Your Treatments-Part 1 Download the Student Notes

  • Webisodes
    Using Machines to Power up Your Treatments-Part 2

    Whitney Johnson and Beth Bialko-Using Machines to Power up Your Treatments-Part 2 Download the Student Notes

  • Webisodes
    Big Yourself Up! with Jane Wurwand

    Jane Wurwand, Founder and Chief Visionary of the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, shares what it takes to change your career, change your life and achieve monster success.

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  • Karolina Ryan

    A few months ago I started taking classes at IDI, and it has been a wonderful experience for me. All my knowledge has been put in order and I can use it properly to satisfy clients with good advice. ...

  • Sarah Lei Spagnolo

    When I moved to the US, I discovered that one could obtain a license as a skin therapist and decided to pursue it wholeheartedly. I went to school part-time while working full-time for a cosmetics co...

  • Michelle Le

    It all started when I enrolled myself into The Skin and Body Therapy program within Vancouver Community College. During my program, I was awarded with ?The Student of the Year 2011? title, which prov...

  • Gloria Afoa

    I'm forever grateful for the educators and the classes that are available at IDI. I've been a cosmetologist since 2006 but just recently when back to school to further my education in the skin care f...

  • Jill Lewis

    When I first started my journey into the skin care field I did a lot of research on schools. One of the first I came across was The International Dermal Institute. I immediately called and was disap...

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Ask the Experts 138 Items

  • Methods & Modalities
    Can you share your insights on clients using the t...

    The buff puff pads are too abrasive to use as a cleansing method for removing product, and the puff itself can harvest bacteria over time. We do not recommend the use of these pads.

  • Business & Retail
    What are your opinions on therapists with visible ...

    Tattoos and body piercings are certainly an individual choice. We say since you're in the business of skin, it can never hurt to show your skin in its purest form.

  • Business & Retail
    I LOVE bright colors and find them invigorating an...

    Your best bet for incorporating bright colors into a calm setting is to use them as accents. Try bright-colored candles or photography/pictures with hints of bright colors in them. You could also use...

  • Business & Retail
    What would you suggest is the number one thing I c...

    Social media is a great way to drive new business. We also suggest you network, network, network, whether online or in person. Link yourself with community organizations where you can expose your ser...

  • Science & Ingredients
    Some of my clients use products that I absolutely ...

    Unfortunately, you cannot make them switch their products, as you know. It might help to give them samples of the products you recommend and ask that they do a little homework – compare the sam...

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