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  • Master Therapist
    Skin Series: Eczema and Psoriasis

    Uncover the mysteries behind psoriasis and eczema, all to help you help your clients take charge of these challenging skin conditions.

  • Master Therapist
    Skin Series: How the Skin Works

    Recommended Prerequisite: International Skin Care Techniques. You?ll never look at skin the same way again! Take a view through the microscope into the anatomy and histology of skin, including a ...

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  • Skin Conditions
    The Biology Behind Eczema and Psoriasis

    Eczema and psoriasis are some of the most challenging skin conditions encountered by skin care professionals. Often, there will simply be a little red rash on the skin and you may be left scratching ...

  • Skin Conditions
    Sensitive Versus Sensitized: The Genetic Difference

    Millions of people perceive their skin as sensitive. Although these numbers vary across the world, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that 50% of the United States population experience some...

  • Skin Conditions
    Beyond the Surface of Sensitized Skin

    Sensitized skin reacts in an instant. Can you react just as fast when faced with this condition in the treatment room? IDI has the research and the ingredients to help you manage this condition for s...

  • Science & Ingredients
    Tattoos and Skin Health

    Tattooing is as ancient as modern man. These decorative marks have been found in cavemen and mummies, spanning many different cultures worldwide. The first modern tattooing machine was modeled after ...

  • Science & Ingredients
    Soothing Sensitive Skin

    Burning, stinging, prickling, itching. Sound like a bad gardening experience? Actually, various reports state that 50% of the world’s population suffers from these symptoms in a condition broad...

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  • Karon Kelly Cambridge

    My experience at the International Dermal Institute (IDI) at the Headquarters in Toronto, Canada has been nothing short of world class, and it has been pivotal to my success in the skin care industry...

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  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    Can you tell me a little more about what Psoriasis...

    Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes irritation and accelerates the normal growth cycle of skin cells. It is believed to be a disorder of the immune system, and there is no cure yet. This websit...