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  • Skin Conditions
    The Latest in the Quest for Eternally Young Skin

    People are now living longer than they ever have. From the Bronze Age to medieval times, most people were not expected to live past their 35th birthday. Plagues, wars, and harsh living conditions kep...

  • Skin Conditions
    Confessions of a Teenage Client: How to Hear What Young Skin Is Saying

    Young skin. It is the paradigm for which we are all striving: skin with lightning-fast metabolic turnover, robust support from abundant collagen, elastin reserves in tissues, and consistent melanin p...

  • Science & Ingredients
    The Hand Connection

    Your hands speak. Second only to your facial expressions and your voice, you tell your personal stories with your hands. Across all cultures and throughout history, human hands have also symbolized i...

  • Science & Ingredients
    Skin Exfoliation 101

    With so much attention focused on addressing the needs of both maturing and prematurely-aging skin, and the continual interest in using ingredient complexes such as hydroxy acids, retinol and other m...

  • Business & Motivation
    The Beauty of Mentoring

    Q: What is the importance of mentoring? How important is a mentoring culture within a salon? A: Mentoring is so important within the professional skin care industry because the present level of trai...

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