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  • Master Therapist
    New! Skin Series: Acne

    Acne. Approximately 40-50 million people in the US are affected by this distressing and emotional skin disorder. There is no shortage of treatments, products or advice, however, clients and skin ther...

  • Foundation Skin
    Acne: Types, Triggers and Treatment

    Did you know adult breakouts and congestion are on the rise? This advanced acne treatment class gets you updated on statistics, grades of acne, contributing factors, scarring and ingredient technolo...

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  • Methods & Modalities
    Finding Solutions for Oily and Acneic Skin

    Oily and acneic skin often requires a deeper cleanse to clear out debris and compactions in the follicles. While certain ingredients can make quite a difference, they're no comparison to the professi...

  • Skin Conditions
    10 Things About...Teenage Acne

    Skin care professionals often have the opportunity to ease the physical discomfort and the emotional trauma of dealing with teenage acne. By incorporating teenage services in the spa, you can also to...

  • Skin Conditions
    What is Acne?

    Acne is a condition that most people have experienced at some point in their lives. Whether seen as a teenager, adult or both, those who’ve been unfortunate enough to cross its path know what a...

  • Skin Conditions
    Why is Adult Acne on the Rise?

    More than ever before, adults are enduring the challenges of oily and acneic skin conditions. Clinical studies indicate that between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population age 20-40 are diagnosed ...

  • Alternative Therapies
    OIL: From Acne Enemy to Skin Health Hero

    In the 80 and 90s, oils were regarded as the enemy. This was mainly due to the low-fat diet fad and the discovery of "comedogenicity", which sadly involved the slathering on of numerous che...

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  • Methods & Modalities
    Adult Acne

    Clinical studies indicate that between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population age 20-40 are diagnosed with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin.

  • Methods & Modalities
    The Four Grades of Acne

    While many issues may exacerbate acne, we now know that there are four main factors that actually contribute to acne.

  • Webisodes
    Acne-cause, effect and management

    Annet King and Whitney Johnson, Acne-cause, effect and management Download the Student Notes

  • Webisodes
    Treatment Solutions for Oily and Acne Skin

    Annet King-Treatment Solutions for Oily and Acne Skin Download the Student Notes

  • Methods & Modalities
    Direct High Frequency

    This post-extraction technique with a germicidal effect treats acne-type lesions, oily skin and congestion.

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  • Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract

    Astringent properties used in treatment of acne.

  • Angelica Archangelica Extract

    Analgesic and bacteria fighting properties useful in the treatment of acne.

  • Sulfur

    Clears skin by eliminating bacteria associated with acne and by clearing excess oil and congestion in the follicle.

  • Allium Sativum (Garlic) Bulb Extract

    Anti-fungal, anti-septic properties, a natural and effective treatment against the P acne bacteria.

  • Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Powder or Extract

    Fragrant extract and oil from the dried bark of cultivated trees. Excellent for treating acne.

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  • Gloria Afoa

    I'm forever grateful for the educators and the classes that are available at IDI. I've been a cosmetologist since 2006 but just recently when back to school to further my education in the skin care f...

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  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    Why do dermatologists prescribe acne medication fo...

    Good question! Acne and rosacea are different skin conditions that have one important thing in common: inflammation. Doxycycline is an oral drug prescribed by dermatologists that has anti-inflammato...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    What?s the difference between teen acne and adul...

    Teen acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum (which can be triggered by hormonal spikes) and is typically characterized by breakouts over the whole face and even the neck and chest. Adult acne i...

  • Science & Ingredients
    How much does diet play a part in acne?

    Diet plays just a small role when dealing with Acne. While most of acne is determined by your oil secretions, some foods don’t help to alleviate the condition. For example, greasy foods cannot ...

  • Methods & Modalities
    Is Direct High Frequency beneficial to adult acne ...

    Direct High Frequency is very beneficial, especially if you just treat the area of congestion. It will introduce oxygen to the environment, helping to reduce the bacteria that are thriving in the are...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    I have had acne since I was in my mid twenties and...

    Try an overnight treatment that contains 2% Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid to stay hydrated. We also advise a spot treatment with 5% Sulfur to place only on areas that are actively broken out. In...

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