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  • Foundation Skin
    Acids, Peels, and Exfoliants

    From deep chemical peels to microdermabrasion, skin renewal is the most demanded service in our industry. Explore the many treatment and exfoliation options available while examining skin histology ...

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  • Science & Ingredients
    Skin Exfoliation 101

    With so much attention focused on addressing the needs of both maturing and prematurely-aging skin, and the continual interest in using ingredient complexes such as hydroxy acids, retinol and other m...

  • Methods & Modalities
    Electrical Exfoliation

    Exfoliation is a necessary part of skin health. Without exfoliation, debris, sebum, impactions and excess cell build-up occur, which all clog the pores, contribute to fine lines and wrinkles and ulti...

  • Methods & Modalities
    Methods of Exfoliation

    Exfoliation is a fascinating step in the skin treatment. It not only refreshes the skin nearly in an instant, it offers a multitude of methods for its use. From mechanical to chemical means and every...

  • Methods & Modalities
    Enhancing Exfoliation with Electronics

    Exfoliation is a fundamental part of a professional skin treatment; it helps remove grime, surface debris, sebum and dead skin cells. It also softens impactions, prepares skin to receive active ingre...

  • Science & Ingredients
    Polished to Perfection: Behind Exfoliation

    Exfoliation is the skin therapist’s art of uncovering what lies beneath. Skin care professionals know that exfoliation, including the new generation of chemical peels, allows for optimum penetr...

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  • Methods & Modalities
    Enzymatic Exfoliation

    Ideal for oily and congested skin conditions, enzyme exfoliation helps facilitate IDI's manual extraction method.

  • Methods & Modalities
    Electric Brushes for the Skin

    Boost the cleansing and exfoliation power in a treatment with multi-functional electric brushes.

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  • Lactose

    A milk sugar with exfoliation capabilities.

  • Bromelain

    An enzyme derived from Pineapple. Helps digest keratin protein and promote exfoliation.

  • Galactoarabian

    A complex sugar molecule derived from Larch Tree that stimulates the skin's natural exfoliation process while enhancing AHA-induced exfoliation.

  • Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract

    An antioxidant. A natural source of Malic Acid, a hydroxy acid that aids in exfoliation.

  • Carica Papaya Fruit Extract

    A fruit grown in tropical countries, the enzyme Papain has a keratin protein digesting ability that aids in exfoliation.

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  • Science & Ingredients
    What is the best way to boost at-home exfoliation ...

    The best way to boost exfoliation with Daily Microfoliant is to use Skin Resurfacing Cleanser with Daily Microfoliant. Due to the amount of Lactic Acid it will boost exfoliation, hydrate and brighten...

  • Science & Ingredients
    How can too much exfoliation cause damage to the s...

    Over-exfoliation can impair the barrier function of the skin, which makes it more prone to sensitization and irritation. Continual irritation can thus lead to premature aging and also cause dehydrati...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    What products or course of action do you recommend...

    Exfoliation will be the only way to treat milia without extraction/use of a lancette. Try a mild, powder-based exfoliant that will lightly but effectively slough the area, and be sure your client is ...

  • Science & Ingredients
    I heard baking soda can be used as an exfoliant. I...

    The goal of exfoliation is to remove build up and stimulate the natural desquamation process. Baking soda is a known neutralizer and may have been used as a form of exfoliation in the past, but with ...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    Can I still treat clients who are getting laser tr...

    Yes you can treat clients who receive laser treatments. Depending on what type of treatment they are receiving you will want to work accordingly. If anything, a hydrating treatment is always a safe o...

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