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    Eat That Procrastination Frog for Better Business

    Every morning, you turn from your pillow and there it is?a frog on the bed beside you. Scary. Slimy. Spotty. Slippery. Your mission: eat that frog. You hesitate, deciding to make coffee first to buil...

  • Business & Motivation
    The Four Ethics: Building Strong Relationships to Create Strong Sales

    What is your ethic? The word means "habit," and what we do every day, in work and at play, deeply defines who we are. Every business these days says that it is in the "relationship-business"; this cl...

  • Business & Motivation
    Change Your Perspective

    The idea of selling may send shivers up your spine, or bring visions of an overly aggressive car or cosmetics counter salesperson. If this is your perception, you're not alone. You are reading this b...

  • Business & Motivation
    It's About Time!

    Skin is the ultimate time-keeper. Our skin keeps ruthless score, revealing our genetic content, our overall health, recording every emotion, every hour of sun exposure, every scratch - from the top l...

  • Business & Motivation
    Make Your Clients Love You

    Our world is brimming over with superb products. In far shorter supply: professional representatives of those products who win us over with their personalized niche approach. When you skillfully comb...

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  • TJ Gaines

    IDI is one of my biggest confidence boosters and motivators. Being able to provide facial services with technology, including micro-current and ultrasound, helps me compete with larger salons and sp...