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  • Foundation Skin
    Skin Analysis 101

    If you?re a skin therapist looking to win in this industry, you better put skin analysis in your corner! Learn to identify and distinguish between skin conditions, disorders and diseases and how to p...

  • Advanced Skin
    Treating Sensitive Skin

    Skin Sensitization is on the rise, meaning more clients need your professional help. Understand the root causes, triggers and tripwires for this skin condition. Learn what ingredients, treatments an...

  • Advanced Skin
    Results and Treatments for Aging Skin

    Skin aging is the number one concern of clients. Understanding the main biochemical reactions responsible for skin aging is essential to delivering visible results -- and driving your financial poten...

  • Advanced Skin
    Identifying Skin Diseases and Disorders

    Are you a skin fanatic? If nothing gets you more excited than learning about Impetigo, Folliculitis, Ringworm and Cherry Angiomas then this class is for you. We will delve into skin diseases, disorde...

  • Foundation Skin
    International Skin Care Techniques 3 day

    All Foundation Skin Classes are recommended prerequisites for Advanced Skin Classes. This is it: your foundation of a successful career in professional skin care! The best skin treatment centers...

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  • Skin Conditions
    Understanding Male Skin

    All men are created equal. While this may ring true in the political realm of society, it is far from true when it comes to the physiology and care of men’s skin. Men, just like women, deal wit...

  • Skin Conditions
    Beyond the Surface of Sensitized Skin

    Sensitized skin reacts in an instant. Can you react just as fast when faced with this condition in the treatment room? IDI has the research and the ingredients to help you manage this condition for s...

  • Skin Conditions
    The Top Three Causes of Dry, Dehydrated Skin

    Dry, dehydrated skin can be a temporary condition or a lifelong concern. Dry skin can be genetically determined or a product of an increasingly stressful lifestyle coupled with continual exposure to ...

  • Skin Conditions
    CODE RED: Coping Strategies for Sensitized Skin

    Restoring health and balance to sensitized skin must begin with a basic clarification of terms. If your client complains of tight, red, stinging, itchy, reactive, flushing, blushing or hot skin, she ...

  • Skin Conditions
    Your Skin Workout

    Exercise isn?t just great for our minds and bodies it?s also great for our skin. Sadly there?s also a ?flip side? to exercise in terms of its impact on your skin. That?s why it?s important to know ho...

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  • Methods & Modalities
    Melanin and Skin Color

    The color and intensity of what we see in different shades of skin is all determined by the pigment in our skin.

  • Webisodes
    The Aging Skin Ingredient Revolution

    Dr. Diana Howard, The Aging Skin Ingredient Revolution Download the Student Notes

  • Webisodes
    Power Peptides for Your Skin

    Dr. Diana Howard-Power Peptides for Your Skin Download the Student Notes

  • Methods & Modalities
    Structural Changes in Aging Skin

    Only in recent years have scientists come to understand the actual biochemical triggers that instigate skin aging.

  • Webisodes
    From Panic to Peace: Why Stressed Skin is more than Skin Deep

    Dr. Claudia Aguirre-From Panic to Peace: Why Stressed Skin is more than Skin Deep Download the Student Notes

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  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

    Skin conditioning agent derived from Soybean. Firms and conditions skin.

  • Glyceryl Stearate

    An emulsifier and skin conditioner.

  • Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract

    Used in moisturizers as a skin conditioner.

  • Valine

    An essential amino acid used as a skin conditioner.

  • Lactamide MEA

    A gentle skin conditioning agent.

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  • TJ Gaines

    IDI is one of my biggest confidence boosters and motivators. Being able to provide facial services with technology, including micro-current and ultrasound, helps me compete with larger salons and sp...

  • Catalina Infante

    My interest in skin care started when I was at the European School of Massage. I noticed how tired we future massage therapists looked compared to the estheticians at the skin therapy school! At the ...

  • Jill Moss Stetson

    When I graduated from aesthetics school I had a basic understanding of skincare, including important issues such as sanitation, facials, massage, etc. However, I didn?t feel I had the details that I ...

  • LaTesha Council

    I recently was recognized for completing 100 continuing education hours at the International Dermal Institute (IDI) and I am super excited. I was truly honored and it made me reflect upon my experien...

  • Michelle Le

    It all started when I enrolled myself into The Skin and Body Therapy program within Vancouver Community College. During my program, I was awarded with ?The Student of the Year 2011? title, which prov...

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  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    What?s the difference between a skin condition a...

    Skin type is what you’re naturally born with. Oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, acneic skin, and sensitive skin all fall into the category of skin type. A skin condition is something that ...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    Are there any skin conditions that would prevent m...

    As we know, waxing removes both the hair and the dead skin cells, leaving the skin ultra smooth with little left for the make-up to adhere to. She can apply a silicone-based product to repair the bar...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    What can pregnant women do to avoid skin issues be...

    Pregnancy results in a major shift in hormonal activity, which is reflected in skin changes that vary in individuals. Each woman is different and will have a unique skin regimen during this time. Gen...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    What?s the best way to treat skin that is both o...

    Skin that is both oily and dry at the same time is typically the result of dehydration, so you’ll want to introduce that vital moisture back into the client’s skin with hydrating serums a...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    Why does skin sometimes go through a ?honeymoon...

    There is sometimes a “honeymoon” phase with new products because the skin can dramatically show improvement when it’s exposed to a consistent routine that includes higher quality pr...

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