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  • Master Therapist
    Medical Skin Care: What Therapists Need to Know

    Let's face it; more people are going under the knife or needle to achieve better skin. Chances are you will encounter these clients in your skin center or spa. Are you fully prepared to treat them co...

  • Master Therapist
    Skin Series: Aging Skin

    Recommended Prerequisite: How the Skin Works. We all know the tell-tale signs of skin aging, but do you understand what?s triggering them below the surface? This advanced class sets aside the myt...

  • Master Therapist
    New! Skin Series: Acne

    Acne. Approximately 40-50 million people in the US are affected by this distressing and emotional skin disorder. There is no shortage of treatments, products or advice, however, clients and skin ther...

  • Master Therapist
    Skin Series: How the Skin Works

    Recommended Prerequisite: International Skin Care Techniques. You?ll never look at skin the same way again! Take a view through the microscope into the anatomy and histology of skin, including a ...

  • Master Therapist
    Skin Series: Sensitive Skin and Inflammation

    Recommended Prerequisite: How the Skin Works. Up to 50% of your clients complain of itching, stinging, burning skin. But what are the biological mechanisms underlying skin sensitivity? How should ...

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  • Skin Conditions
    Understanding Male Skin

    All men are created equal. While this may ring true in the political realm of society, it is far from true when it comes to the physiology and care of men’s skin. Men, just like women, deal wit...

  • Skin Conditions
    Neglecting Your Skin is a Sin!

    Sadly, many often neglect their skin or don’t care for it as well as they should. But the better we understand our skin, the happier and healthier it will be. Find out about some of the most co...

  • Skin Conditions
    Is Our Skin Dirtier Than Ever?

    Modern life is just rife with irony. Today, we keep our breath fresh with strips that dissolve on the tongue, we deodorize several parts of our bodies and we ward off germs with antibacterial gels. Y...

  • Skin Conditions
    Confessions of a Teenage Client: How to Hear What Young Skin Is Saying

    Young skin. It is the paradigm for which we are all striving: skin with lightning-fast metabolic turnover, robust support from abundant collagen, elastin reserves in tissues, and consistent melanin p...

  • Skin Conditions
    How Does Menopause Affect the Skin?

    Menopause is an incredibly complicated process that all women endure as they reach middle age. For some, symptoms appear to be a mere end to the monthly cycle. For others, it is a difficult process t...

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  • Methods & Modalities
    Melanin and Skin Color

    The color and intensity of what we see in different shades of skin is all determined by the pigment in our skin.

  • Webisodes
    The Aging Skin Ingredient Revolution

    Dr. Diana Howard, The Aging Skin Ingredient Revolution Download the Student Notes

  • Webisodes
    Power Peptides for Your Skin

    Dr. Diana Howard-Power Peptides for Your Skin Download the Student Notes

  • Methods & Modalities
    Structural Changes in Aging Skin

    Only in recent years have scientists come to understand the actual biochemical triggers that instigate skin aging.

  • Webisodes
    From Panic to Peace: Why Stressed Skin is more than Skin Deep

    Dr. Claudia Aguirre-From Panic to Peace: Why Stressed Skin is more than Skin Deep Download the Student Notes

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  • PEG-12 Dimethicone

    A skin protectant that leaves a velvety feel to the skin.

  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

    Skin conditioning agent derived from Soybean. Firms and conditions skin.

  • Cyclomethicone

    A Silicone skin adherent. Reinforces the barrier layer of skin.

  • Valerianna Officinalis Extract

    Calming and clearing effect on skin.

  • Isododecane

    An emollient that smoothes skin.

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  • LaTesha Council

    I recently was recognized for completing 100 continuing education hours at the International Dermal Institute (IDI) and I am super excited. I was truly honored and it made me reflect upon my experien...

  • Billie Staton

    After taking my first class at The International Dermal Institute, I was hooked! I took every class I could and just one year later I earned my 100 hour Honors Certificate of Achievement! I do not th...

  • Lana May

    The field of esthetics has changed dramatically since I first started practicing as a skin therapist in 1996. After I finished my initial esthetics training and became newly licensed, I knew it was ...

  • TJ Gaines

    IDI is one of my biggest confidence boosters and motivators. Being able to provide facial services with technology, including micro-current and ultrasound, helps me compete with larger salons and sp...

  • Michelle Le

    It all started when I enrolled myself into The Skin and Body Therapy program within Vancouver Community College. During my program, I was awarded with ?The Student of the Year 2011? title, which prov...

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  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    Being a skin therapist in Northern Ireland I see a...

    As with all skin types, prevention is the best way to address aging concerns. For those with sensitive skin, use a physical SPF with Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as the active ingredient. Inflammat...

  • Science & Ingredients
    I am a skin therapist and owner of a treatment cen...

    While we can't speak on behalf of any dermatologists, my guess is that he's recommending Hydrogen Peroxide because it's a strong oxidant that may kill any bacteria that is causing mild acne. It may a...

  • Skin Conditions & Treatments
    What is best for skin that breaks out on the jaw l...

    Skin that breaks out along the jaw is generally hormonal. If you notice a pattern when the breakouts occur, it may be a drop in estrogen hormones and a rise in testosterone (this is common in many pe...

  • Business & Retail
    What are your opinions on therapists with visible ...

    Tattoos and body piercings are certainly an individual choice. We say since you're in the business of skin, it can never hurt to show your skin in its purest form.

  • Science & Ingredients
    I?ve notice a trend among some skin therapists t...

    This completely depends on the products and formulations being mixed, and we would need more specifics. But as always we advise to practice on the side of caution; if you are unsure, then yes, please...

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