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  • Business & Motivation
    Staying in Touch with Professional Regulations

    Of all the things you have to worry about daily in your business, there are a few that probably rarely cross your mind - that is, until something happens to snap you to attention! I'm speaking of li...

  • Science & Ingredients
    Skin and the Brain: Uncovering New Links

    While scientific research during the past century has focused on identifying and studying separate somatic structures, functions and conditions, the newest discoveries spanning many disciplines uncov...

  • Business & Motivation
    Changing The World With Our Bare Hands

    When you brush past someone in a crowded restaurant or accidentally nudge a person in a hallway or on an elevator, you say "I'm sorry" or "Pardon me" because, in American culture,...

  • Business & Motivation
    Healing the Industry, the World and Ourselves

    No thinking person will deny the fact that the world is in need of healing. But, where to begin? The question and the task are more than merely daunting. The skin, far more so than the eyes, is the w...

  • Business & Motivation
    Trade Secrets

    At the age of 13, in a small seaside town in the UK where I was born and raised, I began my career in the 'beauty' industry with my first job as a 'Saturday Girl' in the local hair salon. Saturday wa...

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    Get Connected: Jane Wurwand contemplates the science and sentiment behind touch

    Jane Wurwand contemplates the science and sentiment behind touch, illuminating the ways in which it can affect our consciousness to help us build relationships and create success.

  • Methods & Modalities
    Galvanic Class Preview

    Take a peek at one of our most in-demand classes! Don't let powerful machinery collect dust in your treatment room. Learn how combining the power of technology and touch delivers results clients are ...

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  • Michelle Le

    It all started when I enrolled myself into The Skin and Body Therapy program within Vancouver Community College. During my program, I was awarded with ?The Student of the Year 2011? title, which prov...

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    What would you suggest is the number one thing I c...

    Social media is a great way to drive new business. We also suggest you network, network, network, whether online or in person. Link yourself with community organizations where you can expose your ser...