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  • Foundation Skin
    IDI Speed Waxing Techniques

    It?s the top money-making service your business needs: now learn our proven unique methods for speed waxing! From skin prep to soothing post-wax, learn the pro tricks of the trade essential to fast a...

  • Personal Success
    Get to Know Dermalogica

    Peek inside Dermalogica's award-winning product line: the preferred product of The International Dermal Institute! Created by IDI to meet the professional requirements of skin therapists, Dermalogica...

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  • Business & Motivation
    Trade Secrets

    At the age of 13, in a small seaside town in the UK where I was born and raised, I began my career in the 'beauty' industry with my first job as a 'Saturday Girl' in the local hair salon. Saturday wa...

  • Business & Motivation
    3 Tools of the Trade Every Skin Pro Needs

    I consider myself blessed to have found my destiny early in life. As a toddler, I delved into my mum?s makeup, made oatmeal masks from morning porridge and took tweezers and scissors to every doll (a...

  • Business & Motivation
    Make Your Clients Love You

    Our world is brimming over with superb products. In far shorter supply: professional representatives of those products who win us over with their personalized niche approach. When you skillfully comb...

  • Alternative Therapies
    OIL: From Acne Enemy to Skin Health Hero

    In the 80 and 90s, oils were regarded as the enemy. This was mainly due to the low-fat diet fad and the discovery of "comedogenicity", which sadly involved the slathering on of numerous che...

  • Alternative Therapies
    Oncology Patients and Skin Care

    Skin care treatments for oncology patients can be intimidating – and dangerous – if you are not properly educated. Begin to understand how you can help oncology patients in this Q&A,...

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