Customized Treatments for Professional Results

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Tekeyla Perdue May 28, 2020

When was the last time you felt completely in control of the treatment you’ve created for your client’s skin care need? Do you find yourself feeling limited by the lack of treatment options you have to choose from? Are you stuck in a skin transformation rut? Is it time to shift your mind to yield a different outcome?

If you answered Yes to one of those questions, it is time to leap out of your comfort zone!

The skincare industry has really transformed especially in the last 5 years. Skincare professionals are moving away from the traditional protocols that can seem rather cookie-cutter with no room for adaptation, regardless of the client’s skin condition. When you partner with a professional brand offering multiple options, your services will morph into a multidimensional, customized skincare treatment. This approach allows the therapist space to create a treatment that caters to what the client’s skin needs. Our clients are expecting treatments with advanced technology, efficacious ingredients that produce a visible improvement in less time and customized for their specific skin concerns. Business as usual will no longer sustain your success in the treatment room… it’s time to strategize!

How do you make the shift? Envision each “step” in the treatment as a segment that is separate from the rest, yet equally as important as the next. Each segment intricately layered and choosing products specific to the condition that your targeting and time specific. You will have more productive hands on time in your treatment, control of your treatment scheduling options and an increase in your retail sales.

The standard professional treatment is usually scheduled for 60 minutes however, sometimes that does not always equate to a full hands-on 60 minutes. To create a comprehensive active treatment and give you time to work your magic, we can cluster several steps found in the typical protocol together into modules. Let’s explore these modules in a treatment and translate them into an impactful approach.

1. Double Cleanse

Have you ever cleansed the skin only to find there is still residue or makeup clinging in the follicles? Beginning this segment with a 2-step process for thoroughly cleansed skin is imperative. Double cleansing with a lightweight cleansing oil that liquefies sebum and oil-based debris from the skin is the perfect first step. Look for water soluble ingredients to remove makeup and debris while treating and nourishing the skin like Kukui nut oil and Borage seed oil. Following with a skin type specific cleanser will achieve your next step for cleansing professional results. Need a boost? Add in a modality like ultrasonic for a deeper cleanse and mild resurfacing.

2. Resurfacing

This is a loaded segment with so many options. Advanced exfoliation, depending upon your focus, will target conditions such as pigmentation, congestion and signs of aging to name a few. Hydroxy Acids incorporated into the formulas along with additional ingredients such as Vitamin C, Papain, Rice Bran Extract are customizable all the way. You can also add in devices here to accelerate resurfacing like microdermabrasion wet or dry based upon your manufacturer’s instructions. Limited time for a resurfacing module? Boost your cleanser with these ingredients to combine two steps into one.

3. Extractions

Extractions performed on skin that has not been properly prepared will cause a myriad of problems ranging from micro tears in the skin to bruising. Look to incorporate a desincrustation solution which is a negatively charged medium with an alkaline pH. Enhanced moisture binding ingredients such as Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Meadow Sweet Extract acts as an anti-inflammatory while softening the tissue to ready the skin for this intricate process. Boost this alkaline solution with an electrical modality on the negative polarity, such as galvanic or microcurrent to emulsify sebum and dilate the follicles. Extractions have never been so easy! .

4. Touch Therapy

As professional Skin Therapist, we have an innate ability that allows us to connect with our clients through the transformative power of human touch. However, there are times when we begin to go through the motions and fall into a technique that feels performed out of habit and lacking intention. An easy solution to this conundrum is to reconnect with your clients need. During the consultation, take a deeper dive and inquire about their stress level, where has it manifested in the body? Are they experiencing headaches? Pressure Point massage will dull the most intense migraine. Are they sensitized and inflamed? Focusing on the neck and shoulders is a great alternative to a traditionally stimulating facial massage. Presenting massage options to your client based upon their skin health needs will personalize their treatment, making it seem crafted versus scripted.

5. Deep Treatments

This segment can truly transform your client’s skin! As a Skin Therapist, you can do more than just applying a mask to the face. We can do this by targeting multiple conditions at the same using serums with highly active ingredients and multi-masking and treating various areas and skin conditions. Introducing an electrical modality will further enhance the masque benefits with penetrating currents like iontophoresis and microcurrent.

6. Dermal Layering

This is the close of your treatment and layering is imperative. Choosing products that will continue to manage your client’s skin while treating the conditions are key to a successful treatment. Think light, layered and hydrating to lock in moisture and leave your clients with a healthy skin glow and don’t forget the eye treatments and SPF!

Customizable professional skincare treatments allow you to streamline your service menu. From a customer’s perspective, too many options can be simply too confusing. A service menu should make sense to the novice as well as the experienced skincare connoisseur. Customized treatment options can give you more time to integrate multiple advanced technologies that boost the clients end goal of healthy skin.


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