"Apricot scrub is frowned upon because it is too abrasive, but I recently saw a new product promoted by a dermatologist that abrades the skin with a small roller of needles. This encourages healing and therefore a more revitalized skin. What's the difference in these two? Aren't they both forms of mechanical abrasion and wouldn't the results be the same?"
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You are correct when you say apricot scrub is a mechanical form of exfoliation and only reaches the very uppermost layers of the skin. But since apricot seeds have rough edges, they may cause micro scarring on the surface of the skin. The micro needling is slightly different – it depends on the length of the needles. They will go a lot deeper into the skin and have the potential to draw blood which, legally as skin therapists, is not within our realm of practice. It does not exfoliate the skin but claims to regenerate the skin from within.

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