Education Plan


Successfully navigate your way towards professional status! IDI offers courses both in-person at our Los Angeles, Chicago and New York locations and via IDI-Streaming.

Foundation Skin Courses

Further your knowledge of the basics; gain a thorough understanding of the skin and practical techniques.

Advanced Cleansing & Massage Techniques

Duration: 10am-4pm(2 days)

Class Type: Hands-on

Fee: $220

Join us and discover The International Dermal Institute's cleanse and massage techniques. You will have the opportunity to experience each technique that you learn, discuss power up options for the cleanse and massage steps, all while in a motivated and exciting education environment. You will leave this class confident in your skills!

Skin Series Courses

Feel more confident with your understanding of the skin and your ability to understand how cosmeceuticals impact its structure and function.

Skin Series: How the Skin Works

Duration: 10am-1pm or IDI Streaming Option 10am-12pm

Class Type: Theory Only

Fee: $55

As professionals in the skincare industry, we must be knowledgeable about the structure and function of the skin so that we can understand how best to treat it and how the products that we use really impact the structure and physiology of the skin. How the Skin Works is a view of the skin through the microscope emphasizing how the different layers and structures interact; you will learn how deficiencies in certain structures can lead to specific skin conditions and how the latest ingredients affect the structure and function of skin.

Skin Series: Aging Skin

Duration: 10am-1pm or IDI Streaming Option 10am-12pm

Class Type: Hands-on for In-person/ IDI Streaming Theory with Demo

Fee: $55

We all know the tell-tale signs of skin aging but now you will understand what exactly happens to skin during the aging process and the factors that influence how we age. We will examine how the skin structure evolves, what triggers these changes and how we can successfully treat skin aging. We will discuss discoveries in cosmetic chemistry and how application of topical ingredients can make a major impact.

This is the class that sets aside the myths of skin care and really talks facts! We will share with you the latest research on what happens to the structure and physiology during skin aging and explore the biochemical reactions that trigger this process.

Skin Series: Acne

Duration: 10am-1pm or IDI Streaming Option 10am-12pm

Class Type: Hands-on for In-person/ IDI Streaming Theory with Demo

Fee: $55

Approximately 60 million people in the US are affected by this distressing and emotional skin disorder: ACNE. With as many acne treatments, products or advice your clients may come across, they want facts—and more importantly, results!

In this class, we’ll explore the most recent discoveries in the pathogenesis of acne along with the role of inflammation, sebum and bacteria. Learn what ingredients, therapies and theories are making headlines—such as diet and acne, including the highly investigated gut-skin connection—and their role in this disorder.

Skin Series: Stress, Sleep and the Skin

Class Type: Theory with Demo

Fee: $55

The wellness industry is booming! With self-care dominating the most downloadable apps in 2018, many of us are looking for ways to help us relax and cope with our digitally connected and busy lives.

The main topics covered in this seminar are how stress and lack of sleep can impact our skin. As our skin is a living breathing organ it is hugely impacted by our lifestyle and reflects our internal wellbeing.

Although we are more digitally connected than ever, we are lacking human connection!

In our industry we are in a prime position to help build communities that combat the epidemic of loneliness as well as creating memorable moments that embrace the power of human touch.

Master Courses

Increase your knowledge and advance your treatments with these Master Courses.

Chinese Acupressure

Duration: 9am-5pm or IDI Streaming Option 10am-1pm

Class Type: Hands-on for both In-person and IDI Streaming

Fee: $110/or IDI Streaming $55

Chinese Acupressure, which originated in China more than 2000 years ago, is a coherent and independent system of thought and practice. Skin Therapists can utilize the technique of Chinese Acupressure to improve circulation, skin tone and elasticity. Its subtle and rhythmic motions can also be used on clients with sensitive, acneic, and post-operative skin conditions. A Chinese Acupressure treatment of the face and neck is phenomenal to reduce stress and induces complete relaxation and a feeling of total body wellness.


Duration: 9am-5pm or IDI Streaming 10am-1pm

Class Type: Hands-on for both In-person and IDI Streaming

Fee: $110/or IDI Streaming $55

On average, we will walk about 110,000 miles in a lifetime which is about 7,500 steps per day. Now add to that extra running, walking and hiking, and that the foot absorbs 3 – 5 times the body weight each time it hits the ground–it’s no wonder our feet get tired! It is essential that we do not neglect care for this vital portion of our body. Reflexology is based on the discovery that there are points on the feet and hands which correspond to organs, systems and structures within the entire body.  It is a form of natural holistic therapy which enhances the body’s own natural healing efforts. By practicing Reflexology for our clients, we are actively encouraging total body wellness and relaxation.