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Why an IDI Membership?

If you’re ready to fuel your higher purpose in your career and training, the International Dermal Institute Membership is your connection to elevated education. Your industry membership gives you VIP access to seminars, events and courses lead by some of the best industry thought leaders and experts As an IDI member you are connected to smart tools and resources that teach effective strategies around business, techniques, protocols and so much more. At IDI, we believe when you invest in your education you invest in yourself. Welcome to the Tribe!

What does the IDI Membership Include?

What is the cost for the IDI Membership?

The IDI Membership cost is only $99 for a one year (over $525 value). We offer an auto-renewal option for 10% off each year.

*10% discount is applied starting the second year of the membership auto-renewal

I don't live in the US, can I still be a Member?

Total value for the IDI Membership is $525