George Gougoulis, Therapist Thursday: Clients and Connections

George Gougoulis

When professional products meet the power of touch from a skin therapist’s hands we know magic happens. In this episode we continue with our Therapist Thursday series featuring Director and Skin Therapist, George Gougoulis from Melbourne, Australia. George, or GG as he is often referred to, is known as The Facial Maestro which is also the name of his business. George shares with us how by using the power of connection and excellent customer service he has maintained his business during the pandemic. We dive into his unique experiences of working before and after lockdown and how change has been his greatest teacher. George also gets very real and honest about his passionate work ethic and how retail is a must in order to get results. He also shares his best advice on raising yourself up, upskilling during down time and creating long lasting client committed relationships.