Dr. Angela Murphy, Skin Science & Technology: Smart Response Serum

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Dr. Angela Murphy June 7, 2021

These days our devices are so smart they can even anticipate our needs before we do. So here at Dermalogica we got to thinking – why can’t we have the same level of responsiveness or intelligence in our skin care? Enter Smart Response Serum – a next generation serum that delivers what your skin needs, where and when it needs it. In this episode, Dr. Angela Murphy, head of Research, Development and Global Education, shares the science behind this revolutionary serum starting with the Smart Response technology and how it detects and responds to key skin conditions. We then explore the individual actives that intelligently address these skin concerns to help prevent future damage and deliver a personalized response for healthier-looking skin over time. Now that’s smart skin care!

Get a smarter understanding of your skin’s needs here:Â Smart Response Serum

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