Skin Expert Series: Human Ergonomics with Direshni Vining

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Direshni Vining December 28, 2020

These changing times have many us working from home, sitting at a desk more often and in some cases working longer hours. Have you ever thought about how you actually move throughout the day? How you sit, work, stand and those repetitive motions that may simply go unnoticed. In this informative podcast we are joined by Direshni Vining, Dermalogica Toronto Educator and body movement expert, to share her insights into human ergonomics. Dee (as we call her) brings a wealth of experience in theory and practical tips to maximizing movement implementation for a healthy strong body. She shares with us ways to tap into your body sense so you can recognize discomfort or strain and steps to improve your overall well-being. We cover everything from stretching and strengthening muscles to how to properly set up your space for an ergonomically correct work environment. Dee’s advice will truly help you discover ways to have a long happy healthy career and feel good doing it!

If you want to learn more, watch the Human Ergonomics Webinar

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