Skin Expert Series: Virtual Connections

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Candice Gardner December 21, 2020

Given the circumstances we are living in today, the demand for skin care knowledge is still prevalent. People want to learn how to take care their skin and are looking for expert advice – it’s just the way we deliver this information that has changed! Now is the perfect time to go online with your consultations and retailing services. In this episode we are joined by Candice Gardner, Education Manager-Digital and Content, UK & Republic of Ireland discussing Virtual Touch: Consultations and Techniques. In this informative podcast, we explore how you can transfer your human touch to clients online and continue to share your advice and expertise through Virtual Consultations. We also explore how to incorporate FaceMappingPRO as a tool for client retention management to help elevate your business and increase sales. This is must-listen to conversation if you are looking to learn about an alternative revenue stream, especially if you are unable to provide in-person services. Candice provides powerful information and a winning strategy for skin therapists to support their consumers who are looking for this type of live expert advice and interpersonal interaction.

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