Skin Science & Technology Series: Prisma Protect SPF30

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Dr. Angela Murphy April 19, 2019

Have you been searching for a hydrating moisturizer with SPF? Then look no further as Prisma Protect SPF30 is the newest formula to join Dermalogica’s daily skin health line and is a master multitasker. It’s optimized to work proactively with the skin’s daytime defense mode, when skin naturally works to defend itself against UV light and environmental aggressors.

In this episode Dr. Angela Murphy, VP Technology & Development shares with us just how Prisma Protect SPF30 works with the skin’s natural processes to protect skin against UV damage, pollution and free radicals – and the groundbreaking technology that makes it possible. One exciting aspect of this product is that it uses luminosity-boosting drones and hydrating moisture magnets to give you luminous, protected skin! We also dive into the inspiration behind this amazing moisturizer and the three key benefits everyone should know. Prisma Protect SPF 30 is “light activated skin defense,”, and that’s truly smart skin care.

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