Therapist Thursdays: Conversations with April Wilkie

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April Wilkie November 28, 2018

What better way to give thanks for all the skin therapists in the world than to share a very special Therapist Thursday episode! Choosing skin care as your career is an exciting journey no matter what led you to this point. Whether you came into the industry knowing this was for you or maybe this is your second or third career; the important thing is you are here and we love, value and appreciate you.

In this episode meet April Wilkie, owner and skin therapist of Healing Hands Skin Therapy in Springfield, MO. April is also a Dermalogica Expert and Brand Ambassador and you will love her personal story from cosmetologist to skin care entrepreneur. Her best advice? According to April it’s important to find your passion and truly operate from that space. Her journey is incredible and so inspiring from her early days in a tiny space, to a full service salon to bringing her business back to her WHY (which changed everything!). This podcast will simply leave you with all the good vibes on how to find your joy, recognize opportunities and create a business and career that you love.

About April: April Wilkie has been a professional skin therapist for over 20 years. She fell in love with Dermalogica in 1993, when struggling with skin issues. She was introduced to the line and it was indeed, the moment her skin changed forever. Her passion is customizing and strategizing skin treatments and home care for her clients and friends to daily have the opportunity to experience their best skin ever. Check her out on Instagram @healinghandsgrl

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