Elevate Your Education Scholarship

We’re seeking to find and reward the most passionate, gifted newcomers to the world of professional skin care.

The Elevate Your Education Scholarship Program is in dedication to Lisa White Spiering, a gifted, talented, dedicated Professional Skin Therapist and Corporate Training Manager. Lisa was a major influence at IDI corporate headquarters and beyond, touching every aspect of our classes from curriculum to building relationships with students. Lisa will always be remembered for her boundless energy, generous spirit, and dedication to excellence. Lisa represented the core values of The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, and truly found her passion as part of the tribe.

What Does the Scholarship Include?

We’re seeking to find and reward the most passionate, gifted newcomers to the world of professional skin care. Each scholarship covers the Expert Program workshops (a value of over $1,400), and completion of becoming a Dermalogica Expert. Each recipient will have access to jobs.dermalinstitute.com and the IDI Job Board and they will receive support from a local Business Consultant to help with job placement or starting your very own Dermalogica Account.

Who is Eligible for the Elevate Your Education Scholarship?

This program is intended for students who are new to the industry and IDI (defined as those who are within 2 months of graduation, or licensed skin therapists who have been in the industry for less than 1 year). Partnership school students who are waiting to take their exam are also eligible.

How are the Recipients Selected?

A panel at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica headquarters in Los Angeles, California reviews all submissions and agrees on up to 10 recipients, three times a year. Recipients will have six months to complete the Expert Program and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program.

Is the Elevate Your Education Scholarship Based on Financial Need?

No. The scholarship was created to identify, seek out and nurture professional potential and excellence, regardless of financial circumstances. We will not research your income or other financial records. Submissions are judged on the applicant’s level of motivation, sincerity, originality and passion for a career in skin care.

How do I Apply?

Your submission will consist of:

  • Completed application (please see below for guidelines)
  • Creative entry with summary of entry (see below for guidelines)
  • Summary description of submission (no more than 50 words)
  • Letter of recommendation from your school or instructor
  • Photocopy of your license (if applicable)

Apply today

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