Your Success Checklist as an Owner in a Salon Suite

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Naomi Casali October 27, 2020

What’s next in your career path? What type of environment is your ideal place of work? What if you can create your own BRAND by having your own business? Doing your research has its rewards so review this check list of what you need to consider before renting a salon suite.

Key Benefits to consider:
_ All equipment you need to launch your business with minimum set-up cost.
_ Can create your own website and use Social Media to bring in new clients.
_ Set your own pricing for services and products.
_ Manage your own schedule with 24/7 access to your suite.
_ Build your own brand and allow your career to thrive.
_ Opportunity to team up with a well-established renter to enhance your own clientele base.
_ Use and retail products of your choice.
_ Escape salon politics and drama.
_ Furniture, utilities and Wi-Fi included in the rent.
_ On-Site laundry facility provided.
_ Manager on site.
_ Sell the retail products that you love which can help pay for rent.
_ Increasing your profitability as a business owner by keeping 100% of your service revenue and retail profits.
_ Personalize your suite to suit your branding with artwork, music and decor.

Questions to ask (yourself) and be sure to see the space before you choose a salon suite:
_ Do I have a clientele base that I can support the weekly rent?
_ Am I ready to purchase professional and retail products on my own?
_ Do they provide education?
_ Is the manager on site or is the manager on call?
_ Check to see if there’s adequate number of washers and dryers.
_ Is there a QUIET AREA especially designated for skin therapists?
_ Can you share a suite with another person? Share the rent?
_ Wi-Fi provided and included in the rent?
_ Is a breakroom provided?
_ Is the lease month to month or long term?
_ Do they have enough parking spaces for clients?
_ Am I capable of recommending retail products to my clients so I can sell and make a profit?
_ Ratio of suites vs. number of bathrooms? Are they well maintained?
_ Can I bring my own massage bed, treatment couch and furniture?
_ How are deliveries handled if I am with a client or not there?
_ Do they offer group Credit Card Processing rate?

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